Pierrepont Hicks Ties

Here is a video featuring the packaging and product details of relative newcomer to neckwear, cash advance cleveland tn of Minneapolis, Minnesota. The tie featured is their Field Two Tone.

It seems that presentation and packaging, something already very common in Japan, is making its way over to the United States. Joe Gannon, Taken by this quote “We tell our children to follow their dreams, shouldn’t we teach by example?” Also, “We will always be American-made.” The tie has a great weight, and a solid, quality construction. As the blaze orange contrasts with the tartan, it speaks to the versatility of its wear. I’ll throw it on a white oxford before a work meeting, or pair it with a blue chambray and a pair of muck boots to the Masten’s Corner Wild Game Dinner.” This was in mind as he created the video seen here.

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