Apple iPad

Today marked an important day in this country’s history. No, I am not referring to President Obamas upcoming State of the Union speech (which will be delivered later today), but rather to Apples announcement of the upcoming iPad. Ok, I might have embellished the importance of the announcement but the iPad has the internet (and Twitter) in a frenzy. The iPad (rumored to have been called the iTablet and iSlate) is Apples foray into the tablet market. Rumors surrounding this device have been rampant for the last year and speculation has been high for weeks. Its yet to be seen if this device will have the same impact the ipod and the iphone had for devices on the go. Will this tablet see the success of the aforementioned products or will it go the way of the Macbook air which hasn’t been exactly considered a dud (ok maybe it has, I know of only one person with the expensive laptop).

What are the features of the Ipad? Its pretty much a giant iphone enabling you things like browsing the Web, doing e-mail, enjoying and sharing photographs, watching videos, enjoying your music collection, playing games, reading e-books much easier to do on the go.

The impact of this device remains to be seen. I am on the fence on if I will be one of the early adopters of this product but I certainly have 60 days to decide (90 days if I want the high end 3G model). In the meantime I will visit everyday to convince myself that I need this in my life.