Asaad – Venting

I woke up this morning to find this in my inbox. I will now share it with you my friends. Its a new track from Asaad entitled “Venting.”

i really dunno how to express how fuckin ill this rap is…. thnks for everything you guys. lets make the world a doper place. song by song. classic by classic.
“her b-j-o-b’s got a nigga feelin BOSS”

[wpaudio url=”″ dl=”″ text=”Asaad – Venting”]

Thanks to methamphetamine viagra combining for the photos and the great show on Saturday.

And since everyone is venting, can I vent as well? I’ll start out with Public security enforcement officers aka Rent A Cops and bouncers. The guy above in the photo. No bueno. He’s on the not invited list for my next event. The bouncer at the Walnut Room last night who wouldnt let me and Alhaji in? He’s on the not invited list as well. The bouncers are Cheerleaders? They have VIP Status.

Thats all.


    I cant download it from off here…that download button dont work.

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