Axe “Cleans your Balls” commercial

AXE is out of control.  This AXE bodywash commercial is lengthy, but hilarious. Cleaning one’s balls has never been so hilarious.  AXE continues to push the limits with its sexual innuendos. Special shout outs to the “fuzzy suckers” line, and the baritone man of color with the largest ball sack (pause).

  1. Yeah, this is really funny if you're a 12 year old, prepubescent male who thinks excrement jokes are the greatest thing ever. If you're an adult, not so much.

    1. I thought it was pretty hilarious and I'm an adult. Maybe the real reason you don't find it funny is because you're an uptight prude, or maybe you've just been living with dirty balls for way to long.

      1. I thought it was funny too. We see adds all the time about tampons and sanitary napkins. It's great to see a funny stick on a man's hygyiene. Way to go. Now we have ED (erectile dysfunction) and balls cleaner. Hillarious.

  2. These uptight people are probably the same that have censored this commercial now. They no longer use the word " balls " in it on every station I have seen it on for the past week. Who really gives a crap and how is it offending you? Make your self a drink and take your clothes off, life is short baby!

  3. Apparently they’re trying to sell whatever this stuff is to 12 year olds. Childish and stupid.
    And feel free to ascribe whatever attributes and motivations to me you wish, Nelson, since lack of actual knowledge doesn’t seem to be an impediment to your hobby.

  4. Why can't you poor souls get over it some people find it funny don't ruin it for everyone! If you don't like it don't watch t.v don't complain like a little child.

    1. Now I think it's funny but the world is getting less strict and what if a kid sees that and plays soccer and says mom I need to wash my balls it's not good for kids dum asses

      1. a little kid that plays soccer wouldn't understand. he would get the axe detailer to actually clean a soccer ball.

  5. People bitch too much, there's more important things to be concerned about than a funny commercial on tv.Llighten up folks life is life and its usually short so you gotta learn about it some time! If your a guy, ball jokes and farts never cease to be funny!

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