Gilbert Arenas – 2010’s nut of the year?

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Gilbert Arenas is in the news again. This season was rough enough for Gilbert, with his struggles returning from injury to allegations of Shaq sleeping with his fiancee. However, the latest headline might be the most damaging to agent zero’s fallen star. According to ESPN reports, Gilbert Arenas pulled a gun on his teammate Javaris Crittendon over a gambling debt. Wow. I have heard of coworkers having arguements and not liking each other but pulling out a gun is really crazy. This follows news that Gilbert had removed all the firearms in his house and had resorted to storing them in a container in his locker at the Wizards Verizon Center. My question now is why does Javaris have a gun in his locker? I am sure that David Stern will have something to say about this. Its the first day of 2010 and I think we already have a candidate for 2010’s Nut of the year.

I wouldnt argue with that man
I wouldnt argue with that man
  1. Eric B.

    wait…u mean David Stern

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