Our Favorite Teddy Pendergrass Hip Hop Samples

Teddy Pendergrass will live on forever due to a plethora of songs sampling his signature sound and voice. Check our our favorite Teddy Pendergrass Hip Hop Samples below and visit our Teddy Pendergrass Tribute page to to hear the DJ Jaycee mix.

sr2579_200987_233453535035And if I Had (1977) was sampled in:
Cradle to the Grave by Mobb Deep (1995)
And if I Had provides the perfect backdrop for a trip through the 41st. This is really black hoody rap.
Devil’s Pie by D’Angelo (2000)
DJ Premier effortlessly flips the intro to Teddy Pendergrass’ And if I Had….the result is D’ Angelo’s Devil’s Pie which Spin magazine calls sweaty, head-nodding sermon against the evil seduction of hip-hop materialism.”
(DJ Rtodaizza)

sr2825_2009924_23420365280Can’t We Try (1980) was sampled in:
Ghostface Killah-Camay
Hip Hop just doesn’t get any better than Ghostface yelling “Can you cook darlin? At the stove you’re revolvin, Baked macaroni, turkey wings, a nigga starvin.” over a Teddy Pendergrass sample, a dope bassline & some drums.
(DJ Rtodaizza)

sr2825_2009924_23420365280Love T.K.O. (1980) was sampled in:
Ahmad – “Back in the Day”
Don’t get it twisted. A good producer knows when to chop & when to loop. On Back in the Day, A simple loop has never felt better. Ahmad uses this classic break to reminisce over the good times of his childhood & teenage years.
(DJ Rtodaizza)

sr2_20081115_175345756367You’re My Latest, My Greatest Inspiration (1981) was sampled in:
Do Or Die “Higher”
This song was released when Kanye West was known more for being a super producer than a Superstar. Kanye West took the Teddy P sample, added some dope drums and let Do Or die do the rest on this slept on song.


r55_20081015_13538268617Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes “I Miss You” was sampled in:
Jay-Z “This Can’t Be Life”
Kanye talked about this during his monologue on “Last Call.” Deep into his ‘soul’ phase, Kanye didn’t really do a whole lot to this beat. He took “I Miss You” – which featured Teddy P from his Harold Melvin days – and sped it up a little bit and threw some drums on it, a trademark from that era. Hell, ‘Ye even admitted to stealing the drum pattern from Dr. Dre’s “Xplosive.” Still, because of my affinity for the original song this remains one of my all-time favorite Kanye beats.
(Jim F. Kennedy)

Check out all the Songs below and some extras added for good Measure:

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