Royalefam Year of the Tiger “Feline Fury” AF1 and Dunk Hi

As Chinese New Year and Valentine Day falls on Feb the 14th, Royalefam has created a pack of customized sneakers to the commemorate the occasion. Feb 14, 2010 heralds the year of the metal element Tiger, one of the most Aggressive, attractive and powerful in the Chinese zodiac. The metal tiger is never to be challenged, but admired and revered. Famous metal tigers include Steven Segal, Joey Ramone, and Angelica Houston. SBTG Basics special edition “Feline Fury” AF1 and Dunk Hi feature animal camo on the swoosh, metal vent monogram on side wall, and the Chinese “Tiger” character inscribed on the heel in metallic gold.
The sneakers will retail $369 for Dunk Hi, $339 for Af1

SBTG salutes the fighter plane art used by the notoriously successful “Flying Tigers” of 1941: the first American volunteer group in the Chinese Air Force.
The Flying Tiger features a freehand-replicated illustration of the namesake 1941 icon, toebox sawtooth nose art, bullet hole print and metal vent monogram on side wall.
Retail: $500
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