Sneaker Con NYC 2010 Recap

There’s no doubt that can u get viagra over the counter was a complete success; Hundreds piled in the Mulberry St. Market to buy, trade, and admire some of the hottest, most exclusive, and most beloved kicks known to man. Participants came locked and loaded wearing their favorite pairs that had been set aside for grand occasions like this. Those in attendance were both subtle and obvious in their admiration; some went right up to the owner, giving him/her props, while others just gave the “head-nod”, which speaks just as many volumes. After the success of the first Sneaker Con NYC in 2009, the second garnered media attention both local and nationwide, as the, NBC, Time Out New York and G4’s “Attack Of The Show” came to get a glimpse of sneaker-head culture.
In addition to the mass crowd that was in attendance, 30 vendors set up shop to get prime selling locations and tables to display their goodies and exclusives, like the Brand Jordan Look-See by Sneaker News. Others picked a spot on the main floor and placed their items neatly in front of them, while others hung their shoes around their necks or waved pairs madly in the air to grab attention. Certain pairs touched more than one hand, as they were traded over and over again as leverage for an even more expensive item. Sneaker Con NYC 2010 became more than a trade-show; with the live DJ music in the background and people yelling “Buy!”, “Sell!”, and “Trade!”, it developed into the stock-market of sneakers. If you want an idea of how everything went down, check out the pics and stay tuned for a look at our Sneaker Con Feet showcase later today.

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