Swizz Beatz working on Jay-z’s next album

It looks like Swizz Beatz will play an integral role in the next Jay-z album.

“Crazy,” Swizz told us about Jay’s new work. “It’s crazy. I’m working on the intro right now, matter of fact. It’s stupid.”

Swizz hinted that the beat he gave Hov had an innovative, trailblazing sound.

“We been talking about that international vibe since the last album,” Swizz said. “But the sound changes. You got too many people trying to do too many things. They throw it off. I’m actually going out there doing the legwork, sitting there with the master composers, and we gonna pull this thing together.” – generic viagra in australia

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  1. Reggie

    It’ll sounds like every other swizz beatz beat from the past 10 years

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