This Weeks Power Rankings: January 27th Edition, Lebron vs. Wade, Colts, Saints, Gucci Mane and More

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This weeks Power Rankings focuses on sports, specifically Lebron James vs. Dwayne Wade, the NFL Playoffs and college basketballs new #1 team.

1. LeBron v. Wade Classic – on Monday LeBron and Wade had a classic battle, both finishing with 32 buckets.  The game, however, was defined by defense.  Wade had a key block on LeBron with a little less than 30 seconds, which seemed to seal the deal for the Heat, who were up by 1 at the time.  LeBron upped the ante by stealing an errant D-Wade pass, then getting to the line to hit the game winning free throws.  It was the kind of game that makes the NBA has great as it is.

2.  Kentucky Wildcats at #1 – John Calipari’s young team was the last undefeated team left in college hoops, so they sit at #1.  We thought they were ready until they met with Downey and the South Carolina Gamecocks last night. Who will be the new #1? Are they ready?

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3.  Colts v. Saints – The Super Bowl matchup is set:  Colts v. Saints.  These two were the last undefeated teams left in the regular season and were the two best teams all season.  The focus of this game will be on the QBs:  Peyton Manning has a chance to solidify his claim as the GOAT, while Drew Brees could propel himself into HOF status with a ring.

4.  The Saga Continues … Wu Tang Brett Favre – The Saints got to the Super Bowl thanks to Brett Favre.  ‘Flava Favre’ © Jason Whitlock, threw a pick late in the 4th quarter with the Vikes poised to attempt a game winning field goal.  Now, the media must wait until August or September to see if White Jesus will return again.

5.  Obama Jury Duty? – Who dropped the ball on this one, seriously?  If its your job to send out Jury Duty notices and you come across “Barack Hussein Obama,” you might not want to waste a stamp on that.  Needless to say, #44 didn’t show up.

6.  Yale Murder Suspect – The Yale Murder Suspect, Raymond Clark III, is finally on trial.  Clark is accused of murdering a Yale graduate student.  This is a really nutty situation and rocked Yale and the rest of the Ivy League.

7.  Wacka Flacka Shot – Wacka got shot by somebody who wanted to get his chain.  I really don’t know what else to say about this.

8.  Gucci Mane’s latest video “Yelp” – Gucci’s latest video “Yelp” has dropped.  Fun stuff.

9.  NBA All-Star Game Rosters – The hype leading up to the NBA All-Star game usually starts to heat up when the reserves are announced.  This week we’ll find out who’s going to Dallas and who got snubbed.

10.  Mark Cuban talking ish – But the hype leading up to the game got started a little early, with Mark Cuban popping off per usual.  This time Cubes remarked when asked about the Super Bowl “NFL, the Super Bowl is coming up and I’m really happy for you, but the NBA All-Star weekend is the biggest party of all-time.”  Of course he didn’t say that exactly, but he does make a point.  The NBA All-Star weekend literally shut down Vegas.  It doesn’t get more popping than that.

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