UNDRCRWN “Assist Haiti” Charity T-Shirt

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Haiti was hit by a second earthquake this morning (measuring 6.1) as the country reels from the devastating 7.0 earthquake only eight days ago. Last week’s quake killed an estimated 200,000 people, left 250,000 injured and made 1.5 million people homeless. Out of respect for those who have lost loved ones, their shelter and life’s basic necessities UNDRCRWN joins the rest of the world in grieving the tremendous losses to the people of Haiti.

Starting today, UNDRCRWN releases the “Assist Haiti” T-shirt for the Haiti Relief Effort. 100% OF THE PROCEEDS WILL BE DONATED to www. cialis 20m tabalafil which is the organization supported by Wyclef Jean. Throughout the week of January 20th through January 27th, UNDRCRWN will also be donating 5% of their total web sales to YELE HAITI. The shirts retail for $20 and are now available here.

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