UrStyle. Edition 4 featuring Suzi @nalogue & Jamerson

dui in maryland

Suzi: Hat – Vintage snap back, Jacket – Custom Denim Jacket, Sweater – UC of Benetton(vintage), Tights, Leg Warmers, Skirt – Vintage/Thrift pick ups, Messenger Bag – UC of Benetton(vintage)

Jamerson: Hat&Hood – MCM, Eyewear – Custom – made sample, Jacket&Jeans – Vintage/Custom Levis, Sweater – YSL(vintage), Boots –  Burberry

We are back to start the New Year right with Edition 4 featuring Suzi @nalogue & Jamerson.  Suzi is a world known entertainer and Jamerson is a world known producer, together as you can see they make a force that can never be duplicated or reckoned with.  Being very easy to spot, I knew at first glance they needed to be on UrStyle.  So as we shine UrStyle bright light on these two, comment and let us know what you think about Suzi & Jamerson’s style.  Always remember that URISTOCRAT is everywhere, we might see you on the street and decide to showcase you and “UrStyle.”

Al: Where are y’all from?
Suzi: I’m from the East Coast; Baltimore, Boston, Central Virginia, Philly.
Jamerson: I’m from West Los Angeles.

Al: Do you think that being where you’re from inspires your style today?
Suzi:Yes, I think that for me personally there wasn’t any one person style I had when I was growing up, except for preppy.  So instead of doing that I was reading W Magazine when I was little, and I would just wear crazy stuff cause I was in theater just to freak people out…just cause I knew I was different from them.
Jamerson: Yeah, my era was like Tommy Hil…Polo…boosting…getting it by any means era. So it definitely had a influence on my style to the way I walk and talk.

Al: When people see you on the street, how do they react?
S: I think people usually appreciate it even if they don’t understand it, because we are imaginative.  Are imagination really shines through when we put our pieces together and that comes through most of all.  Even if someone says I would never do that, they would still like to see the legos on the glasses or the Little Mermaid hats…they might not be able to identify with it but they know its coming from a good positive place.
J: I think its refreshing more than anything, its a new take that comes from a weird place in a mind.

Al: Since you guys come up with all these concepts, Where do you shop at? because I know there isn’t a shop for imaginations…
S&J: A lot of these pieces they come from like everywhere…from your grandmas closet to Tokyo. Stores like Phenomenon(Tokyo), Fruition(Vegas), Burberry(Vegas), Philly thrift stores, but definitely not at the mall.

Al: I know you’re not into trends, but what do you think the next big trend is?
S: Its like a battle right now, its like a throw up game.  Ive seen distressed and studded and zippered, then Ive seen really structured.  It really depends right now, but I’m really bad at picking trends because I am looking at the world.  The world likes hoods and anything to make you look bad ass or part of something.  Also accessories and fine details will be bigger and bigger and will continue on.
J: Aged things, like me personally I like aged things.  Stuff from like high school, I like that aged look.  It don’t need to be brand new, crisp and starched to be fresh.

Al: So what do you feel is underrated in fashion?
S: Actually putting looks together…I may sound lofty but from going to Tokyo and really tuning in to how they put fine details in. Knowing your look and putting it together well from every point, from head to toe.  I feel like people just put on what they think they are doing, or the club they think they are in.  I think that individuality is kinda underrated, at least in America.

Al: Give me a brief description of how you decide what your gonna wear?
J: I do a lot of freestyling, even though that’s an art you have to master in itself.  I learned a lot just coming back from Japan, it helped me with freestyling.
S: I dress to surprise myself…I dress to keep myself entertained…I dress to keep my own…to know I’m walking down the street and not be boring.  Its really anti-fashion.

Al: I hear you both say Japan a lot, so is that the most fashion forward place you’ve been to?
S: I think New York stays on its toes.  Its a classic kind of traditional fashion, but I see so many fashionable people in New York.  Though they don’t rock a style I would wear being traditional inside the box, but they are still on point.
J: I would say Tokyo as far as where I been.

Al: What do you feel about the Philly fashion scene?
S: I think Philly stands alone, they don’t do what every one else does.  They really don’t care what NY is wearing…they don’t care what they are wearing Down South…they don’t care whats happening LA. With that said its a double edge sword because its like introducing new things to them is a little tough, but they are willing to receive it.  Another thing I love is that its so whatever, everyday working people, grinding people…you can go into a different neighborhood and get a different feel.
J: I think they are on the next level cause like she said they don’t care what anyone else is doing. They have their own style, but they have a appreciation for old things more than any other place.

If you want to be showcased on UrStyle be sure to be at URISTOCRAT events.  Check Suzi Analogue (phone order cialis in ohio) and Jamerson (@waversun) out on twitter. Also look out for their site that’s about to launch www.swrv.biz . PEACE.

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