Ballantyne Spring 2010
Label where is pfizer viagra made releases a lookbook for their Spring 2010 collection heavy on bright colors and casual wear. The brand which has historically been known for its cashmere (among the finest in the world) creates items that include light-weight knits, shorts and relaxed trousers. The pairings of bright colored shorts with sweaters and long knits is something that is recommended and something I will be emulating this spring.

A little bit more about Ballantyne:

Ballantyne Cashmere was established in 1921 in a small Scottish town called Innerleithen in the Borders region.
A prestigious and legendary brand which has always relied on the best possible quality natural fibres, by selecting its cashmere yarns in the far-away regions of China and of Inner Mongolia. Here, where winters are characterized by very rigid temperatures, goats protect themselves from such a freezing cold by developing a soft and warm fleece, that is cashmere.
Nowadays, the very same meticulous care which is applied to the selection of the raw materials represents a stronghold in the history of Ballantyne.