Bruce Lee by UNDRCRWN collection

UNDRCRWN has created another phenomenal colleciton. This time UNDRCRWN secured the rights to produce Bruce Lee capsule collection that includes a number of items.  The colleciton begins with a caricature t-shirt and sweatshirt that is an ode to not only Bruce Lee but his lfestyle, work as an athlete, philosopher, movie star, and fashion-minded individual. The Bruce Lee by UNDRCRWN collection will debut on Monday, April 15th, 2010 via as well as, additionally a select group of retailers across the US will also have the collection.

Not only did Bruce Lee take martial arts to a new level of popularity, but he was considerably more by challenging millions of stereotypes and perceptions along the way. Bruce smashed racial, gender and generational barriers during his lifetime and we felt that his core ethos of – action, power, grace and style- is perfectly aligned with the UNDRCRWN brand philosophy.

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