DJ Trellshells & Dru Sarrells – Far Frm A Clone! Mixtape

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Check out the latest mixtape from DJ Trellshells and Dru Sarrells. The Album was mixed and hosted by DJ Trellshells and produced by Dru Sarrells with the cover by Ruby Butler.

Download It Here:
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Far Frm A Clone! Tracklisting

1. Shakira – Give It Up To Me (Rmx) (feat.Timbaland & Lil Wayne)
2. All American Rejects – Enough (Rmx)
3. Katy Perry – I Kissed A Girl (Rmx)
4. Lady Gaga – Poker Face (Rmx)
5. Paradiso Girls – Patron Tequila (Rmx)
6. M.I.A – Paper Planes (Rmx)
7. Bridman – Money To Blow (Rmx) (feat.Drake & Lil Wayne)
8. Ester Dean – Drop It Low (Rmx) (feat.Chris Brown)

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