Low Life x CLOUT “City of Broken Dreams” T-Shirt

dui and dwi

CLOUT and Low Life collaborate on a a tee shirt being called the “City of Broken Dreams.”  The Switzerland brand, Low Life, creates a shirt printed in black or white featuring a print of a city with an elevated subway train. The “City of Broken Dreams” t-shirt is available in adult sizes S – 2X.

About Low Life Clothes:

Low Life Clothes is a celebration of what it means to be young and free.

Low Life Clothes began in 2007 on the streets. An experimental collaboration with a silk-screening professional allowed the Low Life Team to make their first t-shirts with hand drawn designs on them. These early samples were given away to friends and to other young people they met on their travels through Europe and eventually people started asking about them and requesting new designs.

The first series, “Our City, Our Trains” was quickly picked up by young people who identified with the message of love, pride and staking a claim to a part of their city. From this early fame the demand grew and Low Life became known as a name on the street. Low Life Clothes didn’t start out as a t-shirt company or ‘urban brand’ they simply took the authentic youth culture that they were a part of on the streets and reflected the reality of that lifestyle back to others with their art.

By taking the name Low Life, the brand stands as an identifier for all those who live outside of the boundaries and apart from society and it’s expectations. It is an authentic statement by an independent company that needs an authentic person to wear it and live up to the emotion, creativity and rebellious force behind the designs.

For more information on Low Life, visit them online at: www.lowlifeclothes.com.


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