Ludacris x War: Remixed by Emynd
This is a pretty nice remix of Ludacris “How Low,” done by Philly’s own Emynd. I wouldnt have thought of mixing War with Ludacris but it came out pretty nice. I will let Emynd describe it himself:

I’ve been bitching constantly on about how there’s already way too many “How Low” remixes floating around, none of which are close to touching the perfection that is the original. So, my completely stupid way of voicing my distaste for this over-abundance of remixes was to do a cheeky, fun, non-club-focused remix as a completely ineffective and hypocrtical protest. So I threw the acapella on top of War’s classic “Low Rider” and re-arranged things a bit making it into a fun little BBQ blend.

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Source: CrossFadedBacon