Nick Schonberger presents… Springtime Surrender: 60 Minutes of Ignorance

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Nick Schonberger (of Highsnobiety and Selectism) sent me this tape and it sounds pretty good. Check it out and tell us what you think.

J-Zone is my hero. His ig’nant tapes are hip-hop gold. As the weather heats up and bumping some “aggressive content” becomes key for car rides, my homie Ace Jones and I decided to channel our inner J-Zone. our first collaborative mixtape. All business, all day.

Most important, listen with a tongue-in-cheek view towards hip-hop’s affinity for pure ignorance.*

*Ace Jones and I do not support real violence. Only WWE style hip-hop wildn’.


Springtime Surrender

1. Intro b/w 50 Cent- Paranoid
2. Sean Price ft. E Ness- Momma I want to sing remix
3. Young Chris ft Freeway & Beanie Sigel- The Last Two
4. Hell Rell ft. A Mafia- Criminal Minds
5. Catalyst- Inferno
6. Joe Budden- Hello Expectations
7. Ruste Juxx ft. Sean Price- Fuckin Wit A Gangster
8. Rick Ross ft. Florida- Street Money
9. Termanology ft Lil Fame- Thugathon
10. Tony Yayo- Du Rag 2 A Ski Mask
11. Jojo Pelligrino ft. Sean Price & Rebel INS- Triple Homicide
12. Styles P ft. Jadakiss- Holiday
13. Max B ft. French Montana- No No No (Hey We Love You)
14. Project Pat ft. Juicy J- Fish Aint Bitin
15. Vado- No Turning Back
16. Big Twins ft Prodigy- Bacon n Cheese
17. Raekwon ft Game- Falshback Memories

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