Nike SB Dunk High Skunk

Nike SB Dunk High ‘Skunk’

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Ok. These sneakers at first glance are scary. I applaud the idea with the combination of colors and materials but I am pretty sure that these sneakers are something that I would never wear. However, the colorway is outlandish enough that I would consider getting these sneakers and hiding them away in a closet somewhere. That would fit the whole skunk motif since the goal is to stay as far away from skunks as you can. The sneaker features a tonal green color scheme as well as a rough suede upper. The colorway seems to refer to the toxicity of skunks and not the black and white color of skunks.  The sole of these sneakers also features a skunk and a stash pocket on the inner tongue that scream ‘Dope!.’ No word yet on availability but Ill bring you that info as soon as its available.

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