The Power Rankings: March 15th Edition, March Madness, Tiger Woods, SXSW, Spring Break and More

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1. March madness – The best three weeks of sports is finally here. The first two days of the tournament are arguably the best sports days of the year. From noon to midnight, basketball pretty much non-stop, upsets and buzzer beaters galore. Add the gambling bracket pools and everyone is at the edge of their seat. Although this time next week most of you will be pissed off that your bracket is in shambles.

2. Pac-man fight – Manny Pacquiao destroyed another opponent, this time it was Joshua Clottey. Smart money says PBF does the same thing to Sugar Shane in a few weeks. The shame of it is this: boxing is such a screwed up sport, from an organizational standpoint, that Pacquiao and Mayweather will probably never fight, squandering millions of dollars and a chance for boxing to gain some of its lost luster in the process.

3. St Patrick’s Day – One of my favorite holidays is on the horizon this week, St. Patty’s Day. I’m not Irish and I really have no idea about the history of it, but any excuse to drink makes me feel better about drinking (heavily). A lot of cities already popped it off with bar crawls over the weekend, and with the tournament starting the day after, it would be a wise move to just take that day off in advance. You’re not going to make it to work, and if you do, you won’t be productive anyway.

4. Spring Break – we’re in the middle of Spring Break season and it seems like everyone is either one their way to, or on their way back from Miami or Cancun. Unfortunately for those of us out of school, there is no spring break, but if I telecommute from Miami this week will my boss really notice? I don’t think so either.

5. Kidz in the Hall – KITH dropped their third album, “Land of Make Believe” last week and its pretty dope. Naledge and Double-O are one of the most slept on duo’s in the game, but this album should help them get some shine. It’s a solid listen from start to finish, and is really the first good rap album of 2010. Don’t sleep on it.

6. Apple sells 70 trillion iPads – Or at least it seemed like it right? Apparently, the computer giant sold over $70 million dollars of iPads in presales on one day last week, and I still don’t really see the difference between that and my iPhone. Steve Jobs is the man.

7. More earthquakes – More earthquakes struck last week in Chile and Japan. I can’t lie, all of the seismic activity going on in the world is a bit unnerving. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of those affected.

8. Return of Tiger Woods – According to reports, the return of Tiger Woods is imminent. Either he’s going to play the Arnold Palmer in March or return for the Masters in mid-April. For golf fans, and Mr. Woods remaining fans, news of him getting back to the game is awesome. I can’t wait for him to return to form and dominate the sports page again, like he did the tabloids this winter.

9. SXSW – One of the coolest festivals kicks off this week in Austin. South by Southwest, is a festival featuring several of today’s hottest and up and coming figures in music and movies today. Some of the artists at this year’s festival include Curren$y, J. Cole, Bun B, Tabi Bonney, and Paul Wall and Chamillionaire. When you add all the movies premiering here this week, I have to wonder why I’m not there now myself. SXSW is definitely pretty high on my bucket list.

10. UPenn Performances – Kid CuDi is set to rock Spring Fling and Kevin Hart is going to bless campus with a comedy show a few weeks prior to fling on April 2nd. Shoutout to Penn for bringing solid entertainment to University City year after year.

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