The Power Rankings: March 23rd Edition, March Madness, Health Care, Diggy Simmons, Drake and More
1. Health Care Reform: Doesn’t it seem like every few weeks the “Obamacare” bill gets one step closer to his desk?  Well, the reconciliation process has started, which is one of the last steps this bill has to go through before 44 sticks his John Hancock on my ability to mooch off my parents for another year a bill that will start to fix our broken health care system.  Shoutout to that.

2. March Madness: Well, if you’re like most people, you picked Kansas to win the ‘chip and now your bracket is in shambles.  Or you picked Nova to go far.  Or you picked Georgetown to do something, anything.  As frustrating as it was to see my bracket go down in flames, I must say thus far this has been one of the most entertaining tournaments in recent history.  I can’t for Ali Faroukmanesh John Wall to flex on everybody again this weekend.

3.  March Madness Cinderella’s: I had to give a special shoutout to Cornell, St. Mary’s and Northern Iowa this week, because these three teams are the darlings of this year’s tournament.  Knocking off teams like Kansas, Villanova, and Wisconsin on their way to the Sweet 16 teams, these teams look solid enough to make some noise in the second weekend as well.

4. Diggy Simmons Signs to Atlantic: I can’t lie, I still haven’t checked out his mixtape.  I kinda figured him making music was nepotism, hip-hop style.  Still, if nothing else, the loans salem trending topic was hilarious.

5.  Drake – “Shut it Down”: soft cialis sale in france that will cause Kappas throughout the world to shimmy uncontrollably.  You’ve been warned.

6.  First Day of Spring: Well Spring is officially here, which means golf/outdoor basketball/daisy dukes/ice cream is in, while cuffing/Bean Boots/Peacoats/high ass gas bills are finally out.  Here’s one big middle finger to Old Man Winter.

7.  Allergies: Oh yea, spring means allergies are back too.  Allergies are the bastard offspring of Old Man Winter and Mother Earth.  Their way of saying “yes it’s finally warm, but now we shall make you feel miserable.”  So unfair.

8.  Weezy scrapping in jail? Word on the streets Internets is Lil Wayne has already gotten into a scuffle not even a month into his year long bid.  I have a feeling his stay in jail is going to be nutty, like “Ernest Goes to Jail,” nutty.  KnowwhatImeanVern?

9.  Made to Order x DJ R to the Izza Mixtape: My man DJ R to the Izza goes in on mix of damn near 40 of the dopest tracks to come out of Philly in the last 20 years.  Do NOT sleep on this mix.

10.  Cam’Ron – “Sorry” Cam has been making a big push back into the limelight lately, first with “Boss of all Bosses 2,” and now “Boss of all Bosses 2.5,” featuring this track “Sorry” that we posted earlier in the week.  Vintage Cam at his best, or worst, depending on how you feel about the Harlem MC.