Tiger Woods: New Nike Commercial

Tiger Woods will make a return to competitive golf today at  The Masters. Nike has decided to stick by Tiger Woods during his personal problems and now releases this commercial featuring the voice of Tigers late father, Earl Woods.  The commercial manages in a mere 30 seconds explain all of Tigers issues in the piece titled “Earl and Tiger.”  I would like to know the original context of Earl’s words. What if Earl had known about Tigers tedencies to smash all the joints a long time ago and wanted to know why he did such things? That is a very far fetched argument but it would be interesting to know what Earl was really asking about.

What do you think of the commercial?

  1. This commercial feels a bit uncomfortable but it gets the job done. On one hand you have an alcoholic, womanizing father who cheated on his first wife with Tiger’s mom and cheated on Tiger’s mom with dozens of women talking to Tiger about “what he was thinking, his feelings & if he learned anything”. Clearly Tiger’s father was most likely referring to golf in the clip and Nike using it to relate to the recent drama Tiger has gotten himself in makes me feel uncomfortable.

    Nonetheless, the Ad does what it’s supposed to do. It re-establishes Tiger as a “Family Man”. Thus I think the ad is genius.

  2. BTW…..The Kobe Come back commercial was much better…..It got people to focus on the fact that off the court doesn’t matter.

    1. @uristocrat his dad supposedly had a history of not being so faithful so it’s a very interesting take Nike took with tiger. Peace

    2. @uristocrat right! Seen it lasnight and was like…what the fuck!!! This nigga is blinking at me looking like he wants change from my pocket

        1. @uristocrat I thought it was nike having inside tape of his therapy sessions untill I fount out that was Earl Woods today.

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