Fubu Relaunch Trailer: Sigh…

As Jay-Z proclaimed on Streets is Watching, “Once You’re Tagged Lame, the Game is Follow the Leader.” Unfortunately Fubu, which stands for For Us By Us has been irrelevant as a fashionable & hip clothing brand in America for the past 10 years. Despite a relaunch with heavy promotion including hip hop artist such as Jadakiss I don’t see that changing. While I commend Fubu for creating a brand for us and has certainly made it’s mark on fashion and hip hop, it’s time is done.

  1. I agree with you man. Yawn. GIve it up. It would have been smarter to just come out with a new line with a new name and just use their experience and connection and run it behind the scenes. Might as well bring back Lugz too.

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