There are new headphones on the block: Sony PiiQT
Part of being a Uristocrat is making sure that your technology also provides a high quality experience. Here we take a look at a new line of style driven headphones from Sony with this intent in mind. The line of headphones are dubbed PiiQ™ and they merges Graphic, High-Concept Design with Quality Sound. With creativity at its core, PiiQ™ (“[peek]”) draws from the collective experience of artists, skaters, DJs and all-around limit-pushers to create graphic, high-concept headphones with designer-quality sound ready for the ride. Coming in five (5) distinctive styles and multiple color variations, a statement can be made on all occasions and price points. 

Take a ‘piiq’ of the new line at

I really like the Exhale earphones but thats because I really like smaller earbuds. I look forward to trying out all the PiiQ™ headphones at the Sony Style Retail store in the Comcast Center in Philadelphia.