Man Vs. Machine Autumn/Winter 2010 Collection

Men’s fashion today seems to exist solely in the form of designers reintroducing and rebranding a “vintage” trend (think skinny lapel) and their competitors following suit. There seems to be a lack of courage in today’s fashion houses due to an obvious fear of consumer disinterest. The product? A flat-lining industry. Today we take a look at a brand that goes against that premise with a goal of providing a new direction.

Man vs. Machine, aims to go against that direction and against the overused movement with the release of its Autumn/Winter 2010 collection. Funnily enough, designer Jordan White’s integrity to his own tastes and spirit has garnered positive feedback from both critics and consumers. Apparently, people prefer honesty and innovation to hesitance and security.

“Man vs. Machine,” a familiar theme in both literature and film, appears to have taken on a similar yet avant-garde meaning in it’s foray into the world of fashion. Man vs. Machine is comprised of New York-based duo Jordan White & Charlie Browne and derives its concept from the never-ending conflict between Man and His/Her own creation. However, the clothing is not something out of a futuristic, science-fiction movie like Metropolis or The Matrix. Instead, the creation that is Man vs. Machine’s A/W 2010 collection is cutting-edge design that reflects the “American Boy” – a rebel; a modern day James Dean.

Visit Man vs. Machine’s website here: nhtsa dui statistics