Power Rankings: 5/4 Edition featuring Asaad, Mayweather, Cinco De Mayo, The Gulf Oil Spill and more…

1.  Money Mayweather: Floyd Mayweather made light work of Sugar Shane Mosely over the weekend, raising his record to 41-0.  However, the critics are already out saying that Shane is well past his prime and they should’ve fought years ago.  The only way Pretty Boy Floyd is going to silence the critics is a win over Manny Pacquiao.  This is a fight that needs to happen as soon as possible, though realistically it won’t go down until late December or January 2011 at the earliest.

2.  viagra super active reviews 100mg: Asaad’s buzz continues to grow after he started and finished the Uristocrat Mixtape with ‘Tremendous’ and ‘Stay,’ showcasing his versatility as an artist and his skills as a lyricist.  Asaad’s next project http://uristocrat.com/tag/ascis-gt-3000/ should be out next week.  We’ll have more details about the project this week, so be sure to check this out.

3.  Times Square car bomb: Catastrophe number one for President Obama this week is the thwarted car bomb attack in Times Square over the weekend.  Even though next year will mark a decade since the 9/11 attacks, the prospects of someone pulling off a terrorist attack in arguable the busiest block in the nation is definitely a scary idea.

4.  Oil Spill: Meanwhile, the President spent a portion of his weekend in the Gulf Coast monitoring the oil spill caused by an accident on a BP offshore drilling site.  This is a big blow to the ‘Drill Baby Drill’ folks, who have been pushing for more projects like these to pop up around the country.  Since the amount of oil we’d get from these sites is marginal at best, it’s probably time we start to seriously explore more viable sources of energy.

5.  Cinco de Mayo: Cinco de Mayo is one of my favorite excuses to drink.  Green beer, shots of tequila and margaritas for everyone!

6.  Iron Man 2: Iron Man 2 drops Friday, kicking off the ‘Summer Blockbuster Movie season.’  The effects in this are supposed to be crazy, though I’m skeptical about how good this will actually be.  Check out the Iron Man 2 trailer here. Since it costs approximately $100 to go on a movie date, I’ll probably wait for the reviews before I actually check it out.

7.  Decline of Tiger Woods? Tiger didn’t miss the cut at Quail Hollow this weekend.  He missed the cut by a mile and a half and pretty much mailed in the back 9 on Friday with a 43.  For the first time since I can remember, he seemed defeated and even said ‘the hell with’ going to the range after his bad round Thursday.  Factoring his age, injuries and struggles on and off the course, is it fair to say that Tiger is in decline?  He’s not striking fear into the hearts of guys like Phil Mickelson anymore and hasn’t won a major in over a year.  His pending divorce (allegedly) could be weighing on him, as his wife is expected to leave the country with his kids.   But if he goes 0 for the year in majors and misses another cut or two, it might be time to start questioning if he still has what it takes to break Jack Nicklaus’ record for most major championships.

8.  LeBron wins 2nd Consecutive MVP: In a big surprise, LeBron James took down his second consecutive MVP.  This was a foregone conclusion since November and he’ll probably be favored to win the award next year as well.  With another MVP, the league’s best record and a loaded roster, at this point if Cleveland doesn’t win the chip it will be an epic fail for everyone in the organization including James.

9.  The New Jadakiss mixtape: Jadakiss has just dropped the third installment of his “The Champ is Here” mixtape series.  Surprisingly, Kiss has kind fallen off the radar since he signed with the Roc.  Maybe this mixtape will help remind people how nice he is. Listen to the mixtape here.

10.  Eminem freestyle: Eminem reminded everyone how sick he was with his freestyle last week.  With a new album on the horizon, Slim Shady had the Internets going nuts with his 3 minute freestyle over the “Over” and “Beamer, Benz and Bentley” beats.  I really hope he brings it like this on his next album.