Power Rankings featuring Lena Horne, Elena Kagen, Lebrons Elbow, Asaad, NBA Playoffs and more…

1. Elena Kagen for Supreme Court: President Obama has decided to nominate Elena Kagen to take the place of retiring Justice Stevens. Let the fight begin. Kagen’s background is in academics, not judicial affairs, which could be a position of strength or a weakness during the confirmation hearings. Considering her age, if nominated, she will be on the bench for most of our adult lives, making this a pretty big deal.

2. RIP Lena Horne: Lena Horne passed away today at the age of 92. Lena was a pioneer for blacks in entertainment and was one of the first black artists to cross over to the mainstream. People like her paved the way for today’s music industry, which has several minorities and women in places of power. Much respect.

3. LeBronsElbow on Twitter: The best thing to happen to twitter since @drakesknee is definitely @LeBronsElbow. LeBron’s elbow has given us incredible insight into the life of the notoriously secretive King James. However, if the Cavs keep losing to Boston (series tied 2-2), LeBron and his elbow are going to have some explaining to day.

4. Suns sweep Spurs: The Suns exorcized a lot of demons by sweeping the Spurs and reaching the Western Conference finals for the third time in the Nash era. The Spurs have defeated the Suns three times with Nash, including the notorious series a few years ago that featured a shady Tim Donaghy reffed game, and the ‘Robert Horry hip check’ game where Horry hit Nash with a hockey move which somehow resulted in Amare Stoudemire and Boris Diaw getting suspended. This team is deep and confident and will be an extremely formidable opponent for the Lakers.

5. Asaad – Wednesday: Asaad’s mixtape Wednesday drops this week. This young dude is a problem and is building up his repertoire with each release. Make sure you download the mixtape this week and also check out his earlier works “Flowers” and his tracks off the how much is viagra interaction insurance. Take a Visit to http://uristocrat.com/2012/11/wish-en-noir-2012-fallwinter-editorial/ to find out more information.

6. Tiger’s neck injury: Tiger Woods life continues to (seemingly at least) spiral out of control. He’s presumably lost his family, millions of dollars in endorsements and wages and now his swing’s gone too. I’m a cynic and I think he’s taking time off to get his ish together, but if he needs to blame a neck injury so be it. Hopefully the old/real Tiger will be back soon.

7. Preakness Stakes: Horse racing combines two of my favorite vices; gambling and drinking. Amazing I haven’t gone to the Preakness yet. I probably won’t make it this year either, but if you’re in the Baltimore area this weekend you might want to check it out.

8. Graduation Season: We’ve entered the heart of graduation season now. Congratulations to everyone who’s walked across that stage this year. I hope your hard work has paid off.

9. http://uristocrat.com/2014/03/hgr-compound-classic-bronx-nyc-recap/img_1817/ Betty White and Jay-Z on the same SNL episode had the show buzzing over the weekend. Betty is always funny and Jay performed a medley of his greatest hits. Check out the video here.

10. Roger Goodell: Dictator? – Our Babe Ruth of Banter dropped of an interesting column about NFL commissioner Roger Goodell last week. Dude has been suspending cats left and right since taking over the league a few years ago. Do you think the suspensions are justified, or is he on a power trip?