UrStyle. Edition 6 featuring Phil & Justin of Made To Order

I found this duo for UrStyle at the Uristocrat Penn Relays Party.  These two made men are well known travelers and connoisseurs of all things fine.  They’ve been in the fashion game from the beginning, not only have they paid dues, but they have paid others; as well as paved the way for others.  With that being said, the bright light we shine would only seem dim in comparison to the one that they already possess.  So again comment and let us know how you feel about Justin and Phil’s style.  Always remember that Uristocrat is everywhere, we might see you on the street and decide to showcase you and “UrStyle.”

Uristocrat: Where are you from?
Justin Waller & Phil Dupree (MadeToOrder): I’m originally from Fern Rock, and Justin hails from Germantown. Both are uptown sections of Philadelphia

Uristocrat: Do you feel like where you’re from defines or influences your style at all?
Justin & Phil (MadeToOrder): Where we are from definitely influences our style. In the 80’s, when Justin and I were growing up, Uptown Philadelphia was known for having the best dressed guys. Ralph Lauren, various tracksuits/sweatsuits, and fresh kicks were staples of the daily uniform up here. Not to say other parts of the city didn’t indulge, but uptown was known for that.

Uristocrat: You two frequently fly around the world and have visited a lot of places. What have you seen on your travels that you would like to be implemented into fashion, that it is lacking or would improve it?
Justin & Phil (MadeToOrder): Well the thing about the United States is that we are so insecure about the way we dress. In the international community, we don’t hold a straw to the rest of the world. Slim fitting jeans was a European look. And I’ll only give that one example, but if you do your research, you will see we are always trying to follow Europe in terms of style. So I guess I would like to see more originality. People get on “Philly guys” so much because of the whole white tee/denim thing, but that’s us sticking to our own unique style.  Its not complex AT ALL, but its ours.

Uristocrat: What are some underrated brands that you like and suggest that people look out look for?
Justin & Phil (MadeToOrder): There aren’t any underrated brands per se, however, there are some brands that are a bit pricey, but really are nice. Everyone is hopping onto Comme Des Garcon’s Play line, but that doesn’t hold a candle to the SHIRT line. Also, we’re really into the RRL brand right now. It’s true American work wear, presented like a luxury line. That Rugby stuff is getting out of hand. The designs are dope, but the quality isn’t all that good. People need to do their homework. That’s some modern day CHAPS. But, that’s what fashion is today. As long as it looks good, no one cares about the materials nor the quality.

Uristocrat: Do you think that you have made your mark on the Philly scene? if not what do you plan on doing to make it happen.
Justin & Phil (MadeToOrder): I feel like we made our mark as far as providing an outlet to express themselves in a fashionable way, but I don’t think it’s a lasting mark. I mean, no store in the world had Public School leathers mixed in with Crooks and Castle tees. A.P.C. denim paired with 10 Deep crewnecks. No one else was doing that. No one else probably ever will again. As far as how do we plan on leaving a more defined mark on the fashion scene, well, we’re just finally going to put forth the Made line as a complete collection. Justin and I were raised in Philly, and we’ve been privileged to have seen the world, so all of our experiences, plus our love of fashion has allowed us to come up with a line which we feel is a fashion hypocrisy. Meaning smart clothes that play in all time zones, and at all hours. Pieces you can wear from 9 to 9 and not feel over nor under dressed. That’s how we’ll leave our mark.

Uristocrat: How do you feel about the Philly fashion scene now?
Justin & Phil (MadeToOrder): The Philadelphia fashion scene is in shambles right now. You have the hipsters, the art school kids, the rich kids who want to look broke, the broke kids who try to look rich, the streetwear kid and the Polo kids. No one is doing anything new or original. But it won’t stay like this for long. The local kids took back their sneaker identity with the Air Max 09. Philly has always had a staple sneaker, so I’m glad to see they adopted a new style. But in general, Philly needs the life jolted back into his chest, and I can hear the sirens rushing this way now.

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