UrStyle.Edition 7 featuring Tymbre Renee (@tymbrerenee)

Yes…Yes…Yall back again with another UrStyle and today we have a treat. We have the gorgeous…the lovely…the vivacious Tymbre Renee.  Spotted at the Rittenhouse Festival on Walnut Street and if you knew how packed it was you would wonder how we spotted her.  To be honest a purple unicorn lead me to her, so it was divine will that brought her to UrStyle.  As the first solo female featured on UrStyle she’s setting the bar high for other females.  So again comment and let us know how you feel about Tymbre Renee (viagra buy now canadian pharmacy) style. Always remember that URISTOCRATis everywhere, we might see you on the street and decide to showcase you and “UrStyle.”

Uristocrat: Where are you from?
TymbreRenee: West Philly

Uristocrat: Do you think where you are from influences UrStyle? If not what does…
TymbreRenee: I guess in a way but West Philly is like the rest of Philly, once they catch onto something “different” or new their stuck.  So I make sure my style varies, no one really knows how to categorize my style.

Uristocrat: What about fashion motivated you to be a stylist?
TymbreRenee: Fashion is apart of everyone everyday, from picking out something as simple as a t shirt, to finding an expensive statement piece.  Everything you pick out is designed by a designer to cater to a certain type of person.  And fashion is way more than just putting something together and calling yourself “fashionable”. You have to understand clothing, and body types … and know how to make a client feel good about their self.  And I like to help others figure out whats good for them and also whats not.

Uristocrat: What’s the difference between you styling others and you styling yourself?
TymbreRenee: When dressing others, I look for pieces that will compliment them.  Things that will show off their best assets, and hide their worst.  I dress how I feel, and that’s everyday.  Sometimes I may feel over the top, so I dress that way, other days I may feel like jeans, a fun top & heels, or sometimes I’ll even dress in a plain tee shirt with lounge pants & sneakers.  I never feel like I have to prove my fashion sense & there’s no fun in showing off everyday

Uristocrat: If someone where to style you…what would you say or how would you describe your style?
TymbreRenee: I’d just describe my style as chic, classy, fun, with  a little edge at times…and I love cool accessories.

Uristocrat: What are some of your favorite brands?
TymbreRenee: I’ve always loved Marc Jacobs. Y-3,  J Crew, Elizabeth & James, Sass & Bide, Jeffrey Campbell … the list goes on.

Uristocrat: What do you feel about the Philly fashion scene?
TymbreRenee: Philly is Philly.  More conservative & predictable than original … however we have some awesome local designers and true fashionistas.  Most of them are all on their way out of Philly though.  I love my city, but not for the fashion scene.

Check out Tymbre Renee blog: best business loan bank and keep up with her on twitter @tymbrerenee

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  1. I love the article, TymbreRenee is a wonderful stylist. I trust her direction entirely, she's definitely one to watch on the fashion scene.

  2. OMG!! Is all I have to say I love this article and I've been knowing thee TymbreRenee for a long time and she has ALWAYS been on top of fashion and style! She gives good advice on what to have all the way down to what not wear you feel me! Lol she's a all around girl and she just AWESOME! So world get ready because this is only the BEGININNG!

  3. I love this article and I love her!!!! she is a very inspirational woman. the sky is the limit for this young lady. Tymbre is definitely someone to look out for. Her fashion is impeccable her look is undoubted and her personality is radiant! I see great things for you keep it up….

  4. I love the article. Being a longtime friend of hers, I feel the article is dead on about her sense for fashion.Her style has always been unpredictable, chic and full of personality leaving one guessing. TymbreRenee is defintely a breath of fresh air in Philly’s “fashion world”.

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