Drake x Cookin Soul x Don Cannon - Thank Us Later

Drake x Cookin’ Soul x Don Cannon – Thank Us Later (Mixtape)

Drake x Cookin Soul x Don Cannon - Thank Us Later
On June 15, Drake released his anticipated debut album,  Thank Me Later.  This was followed by the release of the Thank Us Later from Cookin’ Soul and Don Cannon. The goal of this mixtape was to take Drakes lyrics and vocals and add another layer of sound on top of what was released on the original album. On first listen, I am impressed. Some of the songs have a very different feel from what was on the Thank Me Later later album. Its possible to invoke two very different moods by listening to a song on the mixtape and on the original album. I think the addition of The Notorious B.I.G. and 2Pac to this mixtape may be a detraction. I’m of the mindset that they dont really add anything to the tape and I would have been perfectly content to just hear the re interpolation of the instrumentals on the album.

Thanks Us Later is a new approach to song remixing. Not having the a capellas it is a complete new challenge. Cookin’ Soul got in the studio together with french top producer Spike Miller and electronic spanish producer VibaSound using real live instruments: guitars, bass, piano, strings and synths.

It doesnt hurt that Drake released a very good album, probably one of the best albums that I have heard in a while. I think what separates Drake’s album from the average hip hop album is his raw emotion and lyrics. The guy always finds a way to make his personal feelings felt thus bringing to the table the same ideas and vulnerability seen from Kanye West on his debut album. Btw, is the release of the mixtape album a record? The remix album basically dropped the same day as the release of the original.

Source: Hypetrak