Power Rankings featuring John Wooden, TheLakers, Celtics, Flyers, Air Jordan Infrared Pack 6, iPhone 4 and more..

1.  NBA Finals – At this moment, the NBA Finals is tied at 1-1.  The first game mirrored what we’ve seen from the Lakers so far this postseason:  a dominant game by Kobe, complimented by Pau Gasol.  The second game featured a Rondo performance we’re starting to get used to – a triple-double highlighted by some dazzling moves, and a cameo by Jesus Shuttlesworth who set a finals record with 8 3s.  The reoccurring theme, probably, is the inconsistent officiating.  I’m still waiting for the series to get good.

2.  Stanley Cup Finals – In other sports news, the Flyers are on the verge of being eliminated from the Cup.  They’ve accomplished a lot just by making it this far.  The Blackhawks are clearly the better team, but you have to respect the way Philly has fought to get to this point.  Win or lose, this is a team Philly can be proud of.

3.   John Wooden – R.I.P. to the greatest coach in the history of basketball.  His records are too numerous to name here, but the thing that stood out the most about Wooden is the way he’s universally revered.  He was a coach that cared more about life’s lessons than x’s and o’s, which is something you don’t see anymore.

4.  Kenny Griffey, Jr.  – Ken Griffey Jr. retired last week, somewhat unceremoniously.  Struggling all season, Griffey wasn’t happy with the burn he was getting and stepped down.  He was the coolest and arguable the best player in the 90s, equipped with all the tools to become the greatest player ever.  He’s probably going to be remembered more for what he could’ve accomplished if it wasn’t for injuries.

5.  dui police All eyes were on Philly this weekend as The Roots hosted their annual picnic.  Everybody who came out got a chance to enjoy good weather and good music while even artists that weren’t performing came through to show The Roots love.  If you missed this one, don’t sleep on the next big event in Philly – http://uristocrat.com/generic-viagra-sale/.

6.  The Oil Spill Continues –
Late last week, images of crude soaked birds started hitting the net, painting a picture on how big the consequences of this oil spill already are.  With hurricane season on the horizon, the parties involved need to resolve this while they have time.

7.  World Cup 2010 – The World Cup finally kicks off this Friday.  After months and months of hype, we finally get started on the month long quest to crown the greatest team in the world’s game.  The U.S. gets things started against England on Saturday.

8.  iPhone 4 The iPhone 4 was finally announced officially today.  This phone is sick.  HD video recording, video conferencing capabilities and more external buttons are some of the additions to a phone that was already one of the coolest on the market.   With increased battery life and a stainless steel frame, the only phone that can kill the iPhone 3 may be the iPhone 4.

9.  Air Jordan Infrared Pack 6One of the sickest packs to come out since the countdown pack is the Infrared pack.  The six’s are very underrated, so you might be able to get your hands on these easier than some of the more hyped releases.

10.  Vintage Snapbacks – If you missed this last week, check out this site.  They have a lot of crazy snapbacks you won’t be able to find anywhere else.  Don’t wait too long to grab a snapback because once they’re gone, they’re gone.