UrStyle. Edition 8 featuring Johnny Cupcakes (@JohnnyCupcakes)

Welcome back everyone to another edition of UrStyle.  We have the Man…the Myth…the Legend Johnny Cupcakes (hold your applause, please).  Most know the story of Johnny Cupcakes and his brand, but one thing you would never understand without meeting him in person is his grandiose demeanor.  His attendance at Ubiq for his U.S. Suitcase Tour brought out campers that resembled the Air Yeezy lines of last year, and a ambiance that rivals many celebrities.  Eager supporters formed two lines that made it so you couldn’t see the walls nor the floor; one line to meet him, and one line to buy his goods.  After each person met him, they seemed changed or somehow reformed as they walked off.  First thing I noticed about Johnny was the dope jacket(as pictured), when I commented on it he let me know it was made by a 15yr old that was so motivated by him he started his own line.  So Johnny made sure he was the first to purchase, showing his support & belief in the kid, and to further assist & foster the 15yr olds dream.  Johnny Cupcakes is rare…not only in what he does…and what he’s done…but how genuine he is; which is shown through his style.  So again comment and let us know how you feel about Johnny Cupcakes (bad credit personal loans 10k) and his style. Always remember that Uristocrat is everywhere, we might see you on the street and decide to showcase you and “UrStyle.”

Uristocrat: Where are you from?

JohnnyCupcakes: Boston,  Massachusetts

Uristocrat: Do you think where you are from influences your style? If not what does…

JohnnyCupcakes: No, I think being a kid at heart and still holding onto a lot of nostalgia from my childhood influences my brand.

Uristocrat: What direction would your brand have taken if you would’ve foregone being exclusive and instead linked up with bigger retailers?

JohnnyCupcakes: I wouldn’t have been able to control the customer’s experience. It would also allow any “joe shmoe” to pick up one of my shirts. Right now it feels more like a family/secret club/cult and I’d like to keep it that way.

Uristocrat: In the fashion industry its really dog eat dog…and dog eat bigger dog…What makes you want to help others?

JohnnyCupcakes: My parents raised me well and it feels good to be in a position where I can motivate and inspire others.

Uristocrat: What inspires you when you are creating/coming out with new designs?

JohnnyCupcakes: Traveling, my childhood, interesting food packaging.

Uristocrat: Why did you decide to keep a lot of your business in the family?
JohnnyCupcakes: They are a big part of my life. It only feels right.

Uristocrat: What’s the initial advice that you give to anyone trying to start up a clothing line?

JohnnyCupcakes: Make sure you are doing it for the right reasons, have fun with it and don’t rush, first impressions are everything. I talk about this in my college lectures.

Uristocrat: What plans do you have for your brand in the future?

JohnnyCupcakes: More pop up shops, more community events and tons of surprises.

Uristocrat: From the times you have visited…what do you think of the Philly fashion scene?

JohnnyCupcakes: I didn’t have much time to absorb Philly for all that it is but I did notice, just like everywhere else that people had their own unique way of expressing themselves.

Uristocrat: Last Question…my Advisor/Sensei (@215tayyib) believes that short people rule the world…what do you feel about that?

JohnnyCupcakes: He told you the truth

Check out Johnny Cupcakes website: http://uristocrat.com/2012/08/deadmau5-featuring-gerard-way-professional-griefers-behind-the-scenes/ & the webstore: loans mi and keep up with the Johnny Cupcakes(the man/brand) on twitter http://uristocrat.com/2010/04/cee-lo-feat-jack-splash-i-want-you/.

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