Flufftronix – Unsafe At Any Speed, vol. I

Flufftronix releases his first mix since Luvstep back in February. As usual, this is dope..

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I’m really excited to present UNSAFE AT ANY SPEED, VOL. I! Not having released a mix since Luvstep, I’ve tried my best to make this one a worthy successor. Whereas the former was made to hone in on a specific subgenre, this mix was engineered to highlight a bunch of different strains of bass music I’m excited about right now. There’s come cross-pollination going on too: I really like a lot of the “Drumstep” stuff that’s coming out lately, but have had the most success playing it out mixed with rap hooks and club chants (my Tim Dolla remix in this section is basically that), so I’ve tried to translate some of that here. There’s all sorts of little edits along the way, and a crop of my upcoming releases too.

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Unsafe At Any Speed by flufftronix

1. Intro
2. Magic Wands – Warrior (The xx Remix)
3. Nu:Tone – Set Me Free
4. Gorillaz – Plastic Beach (Jiza Remix)
5. Rusko feat. Amber Coffman – Hold On (Sub Focus Remix)
6. D*Minds – T-10 (D*Minds Gangsta Step Mix)
7. Eprom – Shoplifter
8. Ester – Drop It Low (Vocal Snippet)
9. Turbofresh – Mr. Chest Face
10. Skoo Boi – Bounce (Vocal Snippet)
11. DJ Pleasure & Origin – The Dawning
12. Faze – Band Like A Drum (Vocal Snippet)
13. Ozma – Your Shoes (Fluff’s All 1/2 Edit)
14. Cataracs – Bass Down Low (Vocal Snippet)
15. DJ Tim Dolla – Switch (Flufftronix Remix)
16. Flufftronix feat. 215:The Freshest Kidz – Bassface (Vocal Snippet)
17. Zombies For Money – Me Toca So
18. Yolanda Be Cool – AfroNuts (Douster Remix)
19. Drop The Lime – Sex Sax
20. Drop The Lime – Sex Sax (Sinden Remix)
21. Randomer & Fife – Slum City
22. Pudding Brains – Banana Song
23. Bassanova – TrunkFunk
24. Flufftronix feat. 215:The Freshest Kidz – Bassface
25. Marcus Price & Carli – Var E Näääken (Girl U.N.I.T. Remix)
26. Xxxy – Sing With Us
27. DJ MikeQ – Kunt2
28. DJ Sdunkero – Choosing Love
29. Dubbel Dutch – Deep Underground
30. DJ Madd & Matt-U – Running Man
31. Nero – Innocence
32. Noisia – Split The Atom (Bar 9 Remix)
33. Koan Sound – Jumpsuit Adventures
34. Jersey Whores – It’s Dark And Hella Hot
35. Benga – 808
36. Munchi – Murder Sound
37. Deathface – Murder Sound
38. Flufftronix – Wolves
39. Figure – Death of Joshua (Flufftronix Remix)
40. J-Wow – Klang

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