Imogen + Willie

The Nashville based Jean producer and store Imogene + Willie turn 1 years old this month and do it in old American fashion announcing a partnership to feature their classic American denim with J.Crew. As J.Crew continues in the direction of workwear and maintaining the American image this definitely will be an exciting partnership. Imogene + Willie is run by a couple that breathes denim having worked in the business for years and coming from denim families. Paying homage to denim of yesteryear, Matt and Carrie work and live out of their shop, a retro gas station in Nashville. They create premium denim that though is rooted in the traditions of denim of the 40s and 50s has modern touches and cuts. They worked together in a previous family business designing, developing, and producing premium denim apparel for some of most well known denim brands in the world – Levi’s, Lee, Girbaud, Ralph Lauren Polo’s RRL, Rogan, J Brand, Diesel and Replay. They developed new processes and inventions that led to the aesthetics of modern day garment making and finishing, and the premium denim aesthetic that drives apparel today.

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