Take Ivy


So upon my usual blog browsing, I stumbled across something that made me truly excited. Craig Cohen and Wes del Val will release an English remake of the prep fashion classic, Take Ivy that truly transformed how people see prep fashion globally. Before this I have only seen images and pictures scattered through out the web. Japan’s obsession with prep ivy style garments is now legendary, and in hope of preserving the classic nature of this ivy culture the Japanese during the 1960s documented the style. In particular one man, T. Hayashida created a book that would influence a nation, Take Ivy by photographing students of different Ivy League campuses in 1965. This book is now considered to be the bible of the Ivy League look in Japan and has influenced fashion in enormous ways. Normally the book sell on Ebay if lucky enough to see it there for around $2000, but thankfully to Craig Cohen, Wes del Val, and Powerhouse Books you can order an English remake that will be released August 31st for $16.50 on Amazon. Talk about a steal, I am definitely going to cop this.


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