Help Lupe get his album released!

Lupe Fiasco
Lupe Fiasco fans and stans (i’m probably somewhere in the middle) have had enough!  Give us “Lasers” immediately!  We’ve had two solid singles and a bunch of free music from Mr. Jaco, but the album isn’t slated for release.  In fact, the label even gave away one of his songs to B.O.B. (google:  Lupe Fiasco Nothing on You B.O.B.).  If you’re a fan/stan of Lupe you can help push the label by signing a petition to Atlantic Records.

It’s a shame that it’s gotten to this point.  Lupe is clearly one of the most talented artists in the game and you would think he’s sold enough records in the past to help his project move out the doors.  Maybe he didn’t agree to do a feature heavy, 12 track album like everybody else.  Here’s the petition

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