To Be or Not To Be THE MANNEQUIN….

They’re everywhere. In every store front window, every “mom and pop” boutique, music videos and now they even have their own commercials! Although composed of plastic these life size figurines display more fashion sense then the very designers that create their clothing. But have they become fashion law?

Ladies and gentlemen we are in mannequin model meltdown- where individual fashion sense has been surrendered to plastic runway models. How often do we walk into stores and allow the mannequins to dictate exactly what we wear, saying things like “the outfit on that doll is genius” or “I want everything on that mannequin!”
No longer is an outfit an expression of individuality instead it’s become a contest of who can best imitate the plastic goddess. Wake up people and take back your brains! Take the days of Huey P. Newton and the Black Panther Party for instance. The militant black garb and the well maintained afros set the foundation for even trendier versions of how to wear black in today’s fashion, but its impact was far greater. That attire spoke to the strength and undeniable will of the people wearing it. Stitched into the seams of every pocket and every blouse was courage; not only to be brave in action but also to be courageous in outward expression in the form of clothing.

Although my tone may be one of desperation there is hope! Remarkably today’s fashion trends have branched off into an array of different styles that allow today’s shoppers to dress closer to their own unique personalities. Small boutiques and other large chain stores such as Forever21 and Hot Topic [I dont believe these stores appeal to our audience consider replacing] cater specifically to the maintenance of particular looks. Yes, the mannequins and their impeccable fashion sense will be present as well, but armed with a little more confidence we can become more selective and cater to our own personal sense of style. With all that said, get out there and get to shopping! But remember just because it’s on the doll doesn’t make it cute.

Shop Freely,

  1. this article is great….so true never taught bout it this way…style is dying….

  2. "No longer is an outfit an expression of individuality instead it’s become a contest of who can best imitate the plastic goddess." I couldn't say this better myself.

  3. I completely agree. People have definitely lost their sense of Individuality when it comes to fashion. From the majority of guys wearing the same Ralph Lauren tops (either the polos or the bear tshirts), to the females and their H&M or Forever 21 infatuations, variability seems to have become a thing of the past.

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