Nike “My Butt is Big”


Does anyone remember Nike’s “My Butt is Big” campaign from 2005? Well here is the 2010 version of it which is aimed at celebrating the ladies with well endowed derrières. The 2010 version of the ad actually features an entire woman from head to toe as opposed to the 2005 version which just featured the booty. Take a look at the ad and tell us your thoughts. I especially want to hear from ladies and see what you think of this ad. Does this ad want to make you buy more shoes from Nike? What are your honest opinions on this?

Here is the original 2005 Ad..
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  1. fishbonedice

    how the hell did they misspell ambassador in the 2010 version? makes me think it's a fake.

    • edakrong

      hmmm good catch… it certainly might be..

    • Bree

      Embassador is in reference to a noun, this is referring to the "butt". Means the same thing.

  2. Dana

    Honestly – I prefer the 2010 ad. I work in advertising for a top agency, and am sick of seeing skinny models in – EVERYTHING! I'm athletic but have a BOOTY – so happy to see that NIKE notices that much of its consumers have muscular curves!

    • guest

      This booty is NOT very big….way too small to qualify, come on,

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  3. Graphic Designer

    I like the 2010 version better. The 2005 is just a big freakin' booty in my face which I don't really like and I also don't like the curvature of the text. The 2010 version also shows the woman in whole and shows that she's in shape all over and still has voluptuous curves. The 2005 woman could just be a woman who's out of shape with a big booty and no one would know. I don't mind seeing curvy women in ads if they're in shape, especially when it's in an ad for athletic equipment…

  4. BootyliciousAthlete

    I love this 2010 version! EMBRACE IT! Especially for me! I'm an athletic puerto rican and have a booty! not all big butts are gross. The more I work out, the more plump, round, and firm it gets! I only lost my beautiful booty when I had ACL surgery and wasn't working out for a while. Now that I am, she's coming right back! 🙂

    2005 ad=FAIL! shows nothing but a huge booty, for all I know it could have been an underwear or plastic surgery ad.

    YAY NIKE2010!

  5. Dakotamama

    I definitely like the 2010 ad better. The ad itself is much easier to read, and the picture does a lot more for the selling of athletic equipment. The only thing I have an issue with are the bottoms she's wearing. If you want this ad to promote this beautiful round rump, why would you make the model wear shorts that cut right through the middle of it? Some boy shorts would be much better; get as much of the curve as possible. And as far as the overall campaign – it's about dang time!

  6. Liz

    Love the idea of the overall campaign… think NIke could've done better than reusing existing copy 5 years later. They need new iterations of the ad in the same theme.

  7. Fave

    2010 > 2005 as far as graphic content. Nike gets an "F" for not hiring a new copywriter.

  8. Alan

    The 2005 is real, but(t) I think the 2010 one is a fabrication. Too bad, I like it better. I couldn't find in anywhere on and googling images only turns up the 2005 version.

  9. Phen Wei Park

    Nike and W+K have confirmed that the 2010 ad is not real.

  10. Samantha

    I like the idea of the ad but if this is considered big then my romp must be humongous and I'm often told that by black girl standards, even my butt is not that big. "Cute" ad but next time get a girl with a REAL booty. 😀

  11. Jenn

    I actually like the fake ad a lot better, besides the spelling error. It actually makes me want to buy the shoes way more than original and the picture of the woman used has my ideal body-strong and toned.

  12. Gemma

    I like the butt in the 2005 ad better. It is actually a high, round, butt. While the 2010 fake has a nice butt, I'd hardly call it big and I doubt she'd have a big problem finding jeans that fit her properly.

  13. shawna

    really? these are supposed to be big butts? no wonder 1/3 of america's 14 year old girls have some sort of eating disorder.

  14. Dr. Z

    Smash either, son.

  15. Ms. Big

    Both ads are stupid and would not influence my shoe buying. Too many women have a poor self image, no matter how many times you tell them that they look fine. Everybody's different…that's a good thing.

  16. Esaslove

    I love nike for doing this. Finally some celebration for curves! And the head to toe of the girl looks hot. Just like her smaller counterparts. Curves can be sexy and we need to stop trying to chase them away.

  17. A ~

    I’m a woman – I like it! It’s good to have some images of healthy curvy women out there, skinny isn’t always that pretty or healthy.

  18. Nefertiti Brown

    I really don’t get what it has to do with shoes.

  19. LadyCrossfit

    I am a woman, and I can relate to this ad because, as a Crossfitter, I have a much rounder (and bigger) butt than I used to. However, neither ad (whether real or fake) compells me to run out and purchase anything from Nike. If anything, it just makes me want to go work out.

  20. Alyssa

    That really sucks that the 2010 poster isn’t really a nike poster, because I was trying to go on and buy it and about ten others for my friends, and it’s not on there. I love my big butt and it gets as much attention as D cup boobs!!

  21. Amy

    I think it’s a great Ad finally someone using healthy curves in their advertising. If only there were more like it.
    I’m not sure how much it influences me to buy Nike. I liked the brand already.

  22. Adonissealssr

    i read someone’s post that said, “i don’t know what it has to do with shoes”. nothing i suppose. but it is nice to see images of something other than the “traditional” body. flat booty, skinny white women are not what all men (including white men) want anymore, even though among white women the term “ghetto booty” is a derogatory phrase. but american hasn’t TRULY accepted the curvy bum yet.. not mainstream anyway.. u can tell cuz the model looks like kim k! and she’s persian (ethnic). that’s no accident this campaign doesn’t sport a blonde haired, blue eyed big booty (or, “curvy”) woman. those types of women DO exist. we’ve ALL seen them.

  23. Donelys ★

    I absoulutely LOVE It!!!! It makes me feel even more comfortable as an athlete w a nice round butt & curvy silohuette. I feel like the ad is a celebratation of REAL women around the world. Keep it coming Nike!!

  24. Tara Walker

    As a woman… It’s hot, it’s sexy and it’s empowering! I’ve got a big round butt that does nothing but get bigger the more the rest of my body gets toned, which is funnier because I’m only just over five foot tall. I love it. The model is a good looking and healthily curvy woman. I think she was the perfect choice for this add. People forget that when you work out you gain muscle mass (wherever you may happen to gain it) and that means getting bigger and wearing a bigger size; and yet e en those who know that still have trouble when clothes don’t fit anymore. I think the add highlights an important reality that women specifically struggle with. P.s. look at the thighs on that model, that’s amazing! 🙂

  25. Candice

    Stunning! Absolutely stunning, and so true, I prefer the 2010 one. I think Nike generally has good shoes … if it doesn’t encourage women to purchase the shoes, it definitely creates a sense of loyalty with the brand as a ‘good friend’ who understands what your butt signifies 🙂 

  26. Areyal L. Délissaint

    As a women with an ample booty, I LOVE, appreciate, and  and agree with this ad. Took some years my I have come to LOVE my booty and find the positives with having such a wonderful asset that is adored by so many. I hope that many other woman are inspired that you can indeed be healthy and fit yet have an ample derriere. Great ad, thanks for posting

  27. Bewoop

    Man I wish i had a butt like that.. I’m stuck being a size 0 and a flat ass. I’ll trade!!! Hahah

  28. Dr. G.

    As a Northern Russian, blond haired, blue eyed, white male, cyclist that teaches spin and a number of other group-fitness classes I LOVE IT! I’m engaged to a Boricua with VERY nice ASSets and couldn’t be happier!

  29. Agorenjka

    I love it. Changes the world of adds and gives me the “permition” to feel at home with my curves and everything regarding my body:)

  30. Amsbaugh4

    I love it. I remember tearing the 2005 out of a magazine to frame.

    • Misselanna


      • L.L.

        HI! I also saved this page from a magazine back in 2005. I was subscribed to glamour, cosmogirl, and seventeen at the time… so I’ll get back to you which one. Each publisher has their own type of paper they use so I’ll try to compare and get down to which one specifically.

        What is the topic of your paper? Sounds interesting!

  31. Brown Allie4

    I can’t even fit into most work pants my butt is so small. I will be happy with a third of the one above!

  32. Melissa

    Am I the only one who thinks that this butt is NOT big? 

    • Willie15

      Yes you are.

  33. Rai

    Yeah baby!  Guys love a nice booty ladies.  Embrace it

  34. vivaciousC

    I absolutely love it! First time in a long while that I’ve seen an ad that is both influential and inspiring; and to see someone with my figure! Makes me want to run out and buy the shortest pair of shorts I can get and go to zumba class and just love myself. And the 2010 version is way better –  the 2005 version doesn’t give the full picture and just looks like any other butt ad in oxygen magazine –  easy to turn the viewer off.

  35. Saah214

    I absolutely LOVE this add!!! Nowadays weighing more than 110lbs is considered fat. What the heck is going on with society these days??? Embrace your body ladies…curves, butt, and ALL!! 🙂

  36. Lalis

    just makes me do more lunges and train harder, love it!

  37. B.G.

    Love it!  I’m a guy and I love my woman’s curves.  It does not inspire me to buy shoes per say, but, the tight 3/4 crop leggings you all pump out accentuates a nice rump and inspires me to encourage my woman to “enhance” her rump when i see her in them.  Great design!

  38. Msseana

    I have this butt. I don’t want to buy more shoes but I genuinely definitely want to do more reps!

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