PF Flyers Double Tongue Sneaker – Fall 2010

Today, we take a look at the PF Flyers Double Tongue sneaker for Fall 2010. This sneaker features a double tongue which is an evolution of sorts from the original PF Flyers Classic sneaker that was released in 1953. The high top sneaker has twin leather tongues that are pierced for laces and flip to reveal color. It also has full grain leather detailing from eyerow to toecap and a stitch detail of the PF Flyers heritage chevron on the side of the shoe.

The Double Tongue Hi is a part of PF Flyers Fall 2010 Flow Collection of accelerated classics. The sneakers in this collection are rich with the latest saturated tones and racing provocative counter-color. This collections is a glimpse of tomorrow’s sneaker hall-of-fame.

The PF Flyers Double Tongue is now available. Please check a list of retailers or to purchase online.

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