Power Rankings featuring Drexel Basketball, Lupe and Prolyfic, Lauryn Hill, The NFL and more…

1.  Drexel Basketball Players robbery – In a story that gets more bizarre each minute, two members of the Drexel basketball team have been charged with armed robbery, among other charges.  Allegedly starting guard Jamie Harris and reserve forward Kevin Phillip concocted a robbery scheme with Drexel student Devin Bond that went terrible awry.  According to the police and various reports, the key to the robbery was a fake robbery performed by Harris and Phillip on Bond.  Regardless of what the plan was, this will probably go down as the stupidest thing these three guys have ever been involved in. This was not a good day for the Drexel family.  At least our basketball team made the news for something.

cialis risks depression– A few days ago Lupe fans started a petition to help get his album released.  In response to the petition one of his former producers, Prolyfic, had some strong criticism for him and blamed him for his album being on the shelf.  Twitter beef ensued.  While both made some valid points, it’s hard to see how going back on Twitter will advance either one of their careers.

3.  NFL Training Camp – Training camp starts this week so football is almost back.  With the lockout looming, I expect this season to be one of the more bizarre campaigns in the past few decades, beginning with an interesting training camp.  There are a lot of big named free agents, restricted free agents and rookies still unsigned headed into camp.  Stay tuned.

use of viagra for women affect – Mike Posner – It looks like Mike Posner has pulled off what many of his freshman classmates couldn’t pull off – a legitimate summer smash.  If you haven’t heard this yet check it out.  It’s a little bit different from what we’ve heard from Posner in the past but it might be what he needs to get his career to really take out.

san francisco dui
http://uristocrat.com/2009/12/nike-air-griffey-max-1-greyteal/ – Nike has brought back one of my favorite women’s campaign, their “My Butt is Big” campaign designed by Sir Mix-A-Lot aimed at women with healthy butts.  Two thumbs up over here.

6.  The Roots “This Fire” Video – The Roots have an interesting video for their next single “This Fire.”  They didn’t take it where I thought they would with this video, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  The plot of the video has a WWII/Vietnam type of feel and it’s a nice change of pace from the ‘party in a rented house, stand in front of rented cars, post up on a block that isn’t yours’ type videos.

7. Mad Decent Block Parties – Mad Decent announced today that instead of just having one block party in Philadelphia, it was going to team up with Diesel and have block parties in 4 different cities. The party begins on July 31st in Philadelphia and then makes stops on subsequent weekends in NYC, Chicago and LA. The lineup is also awesome featuring Diplo, Kid Sister, Ninjasonik, Dirty South Joe, DJ Sega, Theoliphus London and more. This is a party that you dont want to miss. Visit http://maddecentblockparty.com for daily updates and more information.

8.  Wyclef for President? – Rumors are swirling about Wyclef possibly running to become the president of Haiti.  This has bad idea written all over it.  Not to knock Wyclef but being the head of state requires a lot more than celebrity.  His lack of political and governing experience could prove to be disastrous for all involved.  See Schwarzenegger, Arnold.

9.  Lauryn Hill – Repercussions – New Lauryn Hill! RT this immediately!  New Lauryn Hill!!!!!!!!  Ok, nobody really knows when this track was done, and it doesn’t sound too new.  However, a leak could mean that maybe she has something up her sleeves and wants to start building a buzz.  Hopefully this is a sign of more music to come.  She’s exactly what the game is missing right now.

10.  Chris and Neef “Back to Business” – The duo formerly known as the Young Gunz has dropped a mixtape “Back to Business,” hosted by DJ Don Cannon.  The Philly rappers were staples of the old Roc La Familia before the label fell apart.  Both have been around the game, but this seems like the first step towards a new Chris and Neef album.    Check it out and let us know what you think.

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