Power Rankings Featuring Greek Weekend, Summer School, Rick Ross and More

1. Get Him to the Greek – Make sure you’re in the building this Friday for THE upscale Philly Greek Weekend kickoff party.  It’s going down at Marathon Grill (10th and Walnut) Friday July 9th from 10pm – 2am.  21 and up to enter, DJ R To Da Izza is on the 1s and 2s. This is the first in the series of Uristocrat Decadence Fridays.  RSVP by emailing http://uristocrat.com/2010/06/nike-air-presto-summer-2010-colorways/347635-301_4_air-presto-301-dw-570x380/.

2.  canada viagra no prescription male impotence– Do you have your hall pass for summer school yet?  If not, pick up your tickets today before they’re gone.  This will go down as one of the best concerts in Philly this summer so don’t miss out.  The lineup includes Kidz in the Hall, Dephonic, Stalley, Writtenhouse, Akilles, Asaad and Sock the Rapper.  DJ R To DA Izza and DJ Law One will be spinning.  The concert is July 15th at the TLA.  Doors open at 7pm.  Visit uristocrat.com/concerts for more information.

3.  Epic heatwave continues – If you live on the East Coast, there’s a 50% chance you will melt this week.  The estimated average temperature in Philly this week is 150 degrees.  All jokes aside, make sure you’re drinking plenty of water and not doing anything foolish outdoors this week.

4.  NBA Free Agency – First off, I’d like to congratulate the Knicks and Hawks for signing up for 5 and 6 more years of mediocrity.  The more things change the more they stay the same.  Despite having more ways to evaluate players than ever, NBA GMs are still handing out bad contracts.  Meanwhile, sources tell me LeBron James is close to signing with the Clippers everybody’s reporting different things but nobody really knows where LeBron and the rest of the gang will end up.  I’m taking every report with a grain of salt.  Unless you hear it from LeBron or Wade, I wouldn’t believe it.

5.  Wale x J. Cole performance – Two of our favorite artist – J. Cole and Wale – performed at the Wireless Festival in London.  Check out the footage here.  We also have clips of Jay-z and J. Cole performing ‘A Star is Born’ at the festival.  We’ve been telling you about J.Cole for a while but dude is really starting to blow.  Make sure you’re in the building July 17 for J. Cole x Jazzy Jeff as a part of Heineken’s Inspire Series.

6.  Jazzy Jeff ‘Summertime’ Mixtape – Speaking of Jazzy Jeff, he collaborated with Mick Boogie and Undrcrwn on a new mixtape out for the summer.  Jazzy Jeff and Will Smith made the official Summertime anthem back in the day, so you know he’s an expert on warm weather music.  The mixtape is solid and spans across all eras of hip-hop.  Check it out.

7.  JaMarcus Russell Sippin on Sizzurp – JaMarcus Russell might have put the final nail in the coffin of his career last weekend after he was arrested for possession of lean (aka Codine syrup).  This makes too much sense to me.  For most of his career he seemed to move in slow motion, now we know why.  He probably took a lot of snaps faded on sizzurp.

8.  Phil Ade – ‘The Letterman’ mixtape – There’s a lot of talent coming out of DC right now.  Phil Ade might be the next to blow.  ‘The Letterman’ mixtape is pretty solid, though the Wale comparisons are inevitable.  This dude has a lot of potential and this tape has me on the lookout for more work from him.

9.  World Cup Final – Sunday the World Cup finally comes to a close.  The Netherlands (Dutchmasters), Uruguay (Cheaters), Germany (Nazis) and Spain (Smelly Sissies) made the final four.  This was a disappointment to a lot of people (ABC especially) as a lot of the fan favorites have been eliminated.  Don’t sleep on this final four though.  Germany has played better than anybody in the tournament, with the Dutch a close second.  This could be the makings of an exciting, well played final.

10.  Summer of Rick Ross – The Bawse has been dropping heat all summer but he might have outdone himself with Maybach Music 3.  T.I. and Jada join him on this one with Erykah Badu singing the hook.  He brought some heavy hitters with him this album.  With Teflon Don on the way, Ricky Rozay might be on his way to the top of the game.


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