Power Rankings Featuring Oscar Grant, Summer School, J. Cole and more…

1.  Oscar Grant – Lost in the LeBron talk last week was the Oscar Grant verdict.  Oscar was a young man who was controversially killed by a BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) officer in Oakland on New Years Day.  Grant was on the ground and seemingly subdued when Officer Johannes Mehserle shot him, which was caught on tape.  Mehserle was convicted of involuntary manslaughter instead of a charge that carried a heavier sentence, which kicked off protests all over the country.  Be sure to read up on this tragedy if you haven’t already.

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2.  Summer School – Summer School is finally here.  The biggest concert to hit Philly this summer will be one for the archives.  Kidz in the Hall, Dephonic, Stalley, Writtenhouse, Akilles, Asaad and Sock the Rapper will be hitting the stage.  DJ R To Da Izza and DJ Law-One will be spinning.  It’s going down Thursday at the TLA.  Doors open at 7pm.  Hurry up and get your tickets now at http://uristocrat.com/2012/12/chief-keef-hate-being-sober-f-50-cent/

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3.  LeBron’s ‘Decision’ – Well the guy who many people thought would be the next Jordan has solidified his spot as the new Pippen.  From the fact that this might’ve been in the work years in advance, to the way it went down, this will be the most talked about sporting event of the year.  Now LePippen LeBron will team up with Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade to form the latest NBA superteam.  The talk, of course is that this team will be unstoppable.  We’ll see.  Sometimes it works – the Celtics big three – but a lot of times they don’t work (see the Kobe/Shaq/Malone/Payton Lakers and the Olajuwon/Barkley/Pippen rockets).  The difference in this team is their age (all three in their primes) and the fact that they’re legitimately good friends off the court.  The one thing that seems certain is that its a lock that this will be the best 2K11 team ever though.

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4.  J. Cole – ‘Heineken Inspires’ Series this Saturday at the TLA – We told you we had some surprises in store for this show.  By now you know DJ Jazzy Jeff will be spinning.  Now Marsha Ambrosius has been added to the show as well.  You can get your tickets at redstar.heineken.com – using promo code “inspirepro.”   Word from Tayyib Smith and 215Magazine (The man behind all these great events) is that we will be adding another surprise headliner later this week. Any guesses as to who that will be?  We’ll see you there this Saturday.

5.  NCAA 11 drops this week – The start of virtual football kicks off this week.  NCAA 11 is always a good warmup for the year’s Madden since they get a lot of the same features.  I’m rocking with Oregon this year and will take on all challenges for the next month (when I’ll be trading it in for Madden).

6. Ricky Rozay Continues to Murder the Summer – I’m not going to lie, I was never a big Rick Ross fan.  Even after ‘Deeper Than Rap’ it was still hard for me to get over the lack of lyricism and fraudulent background.  Now?  Dude has been dropping too much heat for me to ignore.  He’s owned the summer of 2010 the way I figured someone else (Drake? Kanye? Gucci?) would.  I don’t know how many units ‘Teflon Don’ is going to move but at this point it seems like a lock it will be one of the top albums of the year.

7.  World Cup final – Shoutout to Spain for taking home their first World Cup title.  The mainstream media is going to act like we’re not going to care about soccer again for another four years.  Maybe a lot of American’s won’t.  However, I do think after this World Cup soccer can pick up some momentum in the U.S.  The good soccer that’s played in Europe is now available to us on several different channels.  If you want to follow some of the players you liked during the World Cup, all you have to do is wake up a little early on Saturday morning (or just use your DVR and record the games).

8.  MLB All-Star game – The midsummer classic is this week.  This celebration of the nation’s pastime isn’t quite what it used to be.  That said, I’ll check it out for a little bit.  Besides, it’s going to be the only thing on tomorrow.

9.  Kevin Hart Special – Philly’s own Kevin Hart just did a hilarious special for Comedy Central.  This had me rolling almost the entire time.  Check it out if you missed it over the weekend.

10.  Is It A Wrap for Tiger Woods? – The British Open kicks off this weekend and all eyes will be on Tiger Woods.  He’s finished 4th in the two other majors this year, but he doesn’t look anything like the old Tiger.  I can’t blame him for not being able to focus.  He probably has 750 million things on his mind right now.  At some point, he has to bounce back though, right?  With his divorce being put to bed, he can finally get back to smashing all the jawns focus on getting his game back.  Tiger isn’t getting any younger, however.  At one time, it seemed like he was destroy all the game’s records.  Now I’m wondering when/if he’s going to win another Major again.