Power Rankings featuring Rick Ross, J. Cole, Heineken, Tayyib Smith and more..

1. Rick Ross – ‘Teflon Don’ – The most anticipated album of the summer drops this week. Rick Ross’ ‘Teflon Don’ hits the stores this Tuesday. We’ve brought you a preview of over half of the album already and most people seem to like what they’ve heard. The game was wide open in 2010 and Rick Ross might have made the biggest push towards the top this year.
Rick Ross-Maybach Music III by uristocrat

2. J. Cole Recap Speaking of dope shows, the Heineken Inspire show on Saturday was crazy. J. Cole, Marsha Ambrosius, Musiq and the legendary DJ Jazzy Jeff all did their things on Saturday. Shoutout to Heineken for keeping the brews flowing and shoutout to Freeway for coming through on Thursday and Saturday night and rocking out with us.

3. Tayyib Smith – Philly’s Little Giant – Who’s Tayyib Smith? Why he’s only the most influential dude in Philly. The founder of 215 Magazine was literally voted the most influential person in Philly by his peers. He’s one of the hardest working guys in Philly and has done a lot to help a lot of people around town including us. In short, he’s the man.

4. Curren$y – ‘Pilot Talk’ – Last week Curren$y’s major label debut ‘Pilot Talk’ dropped. It was good to see Spitta was able to get his first release out the door pretty quickly. This was a solid release for him and Dame Dash’s relaunch of Roc-A-Fella Records. Curren$y stuck to the same formula that made him hot over the past few years. Check this out if you haven’t already.

5. Inception – The buzz around Inception continues to get bigger. Everyone who got a chance to catch this over the weekend says it’s amazing. The reviews say its great and critics are calling it a shoe in for movie of the year. This is the first release in a while that isn’t a remake of a book/TV Show/comic book/old movie and seems to be a breath of fresh air to the movie industry. I’m going to peep it as soon as possible.

6. Kid CuDi feat Kanye – ‘Erase Me’ CuDi’s next album is starting to pick up a little steam. I’m not sure how many of these songs are going to catch on like ‘Day and Night’ but I’m feeling the stuff I’ve heard off the new album. This one is another solid release from the G.O.O.D. music fam.

7. Jordan knocks LeBron – Hopefully this will be the last thing I say about LBJ until the season starts but I couldn’t ignore it. Jordan put an end to the speculation on what he would’ve done if he was in a similar situation as LeBron. MJ said he wanted to beat Bird and Magic, not play with them, a light jab at LeBron’s competitive nature. Just throwing it out there.

8. Ken Griffey Jr. – ‘Goodbye Baseball, Hello Cooperstown’ – Baseball legend Ken Griffey Jr. retired unceremoniously this year and it’s a shame he didn’t go out with more fanfare. He made baseball cool again during the early to mid 90s and was one of my favorite athletes growing up. Nike did a good job with this Griffey tribute. Griffey’s a low key dude so we might not hear much from him until his induction speech in 5 years.

9. Prada Fall/Winter Collection Fantasy Lookbook – Prada did something different with their Fall/Winter Lookbook and I’m feeling it. They tapped into a couple of graphic artists and did a fantasy lookbook this year. A collage of pictures and digitally altered photos puts a colorful and creative spin on their latest line of clothes.

10. John Wall named summer league MVP – The summer league closed out over the weekend in Vegas with the number one pick starting to live up to the hype. John Wall averaged 23 and 8 and was very impressive. Time will tell if he’s able to coexist with Gilbert Arenas but dude is definitely going to be fun to watch next year.