Tender Co. Denim

Today, we feature a fascinating new clothing line called Tender Co. The brand makes different items and today we take a look at their denim offering. The story of Tender starts two years ago. A young designer named William made himself a pair of blue jeans in his house in England. The pants were recognizable as dungarees, but were also recognizably different.

He cut the back yoke so deep that it ran under the large, square back pockets. Believing the standard coin pocket to be superfluous, he sewed in a pencil pocket instead. The front pockets were angled for easy entry and would, he knew, soften and curve with use. The fit was roomy, inspired by the clothes of English railworkers who might have shoveled coal on “tender” cars, the cast-iron train cars that carried fuel for steam engines.

Tendor Co. jeans are cut and sewn at a small factory in Leicester, England. Each pair of finished jeans is dip-dyed by hand in pure vegetable indigo. The removable brass waist buttons are hand-cast in small batches by a UK metalworker. And William has named this first pair of jeans “Type 132.”

That’s his house number in London: the house where the very first pair was made. It’s just one of countless details that make these jeans — and the whole collection — a very personal work of art. These jeans are currently available at Hickorees Hard Goods.

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