Get Topped Off (Summer Hat Style)
This summer one thing that I have noticed is that I am seeing more and more straw hats and fedoras around. They offer perfect protection from those blistering hot days where the sun seems to just not leave you alone and look pretty fly as well. They can be worn casually with some jean shorts and a t-shirt and also be dressed up with some nice linen pants and a button down. Me personally, I believe that every man should both get a stingy brim (one with smaller brim perfect for city style) and a panama (Large straw brim that alumni rock at graduations) for those weekend excursions. They will add a sense of style to all your outfits. Definitely go to your store (Uniqlo, Jpress, J.Crew etc.) and pick one up. I promise its well worth it and if nothing else on those hot days your body will thank you too.

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