Kevin Garnett Signs Sneaker Deal with ANTA Sports Products

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China-based ANTA Sports Products Limited continues to push the global appeal of its apparel with the acquisition of one of the NBA’s most respected players. KG says goodbye to Adidas and “why hello there, thank you for the check” to ANTA Sports Products Limited. The fading Garnett spurned the likes of Nike, Under Armour, and Reebook, beoming Anta’s second endorsed NBA player following Luis Scola.

From PRNewswire- Asia:

To enhance the brand image, ANTA will pull together the best R&D resources to tailor the designated basketball shoes for Kevin Garnett that offer maximum performance, comfort and protection. In the upcoming NBA season Garnett will be competing in that pair of ANTA’s basketball shoes impressively. In a gesture to thank the fans of Kevin Garnett for their support, ANTA Sports will launch a new “KG” basketball sportswear series, which carries a smart logo that reflects the unique characters of the series.

Garnett is not alone in his decision to align with Chinese sportswear companies. Fellow NBA stars Ron Artest, Jason Richardson, Stephon Marbury, and Jason Kidd have each signed with Peak Shoes at some point during their career.

We patiently await the details of Garnett’s multi-year deal with ANTA Sports Products Limited.

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