Power Rankings featuring Kanye West, Madden 11 and more…

1. Madden ’11 – In our lifetimes, the day Madden is released will probably be a holiday. Until then, we have to keep calling out of work and skipping school. Madden 11 drops this week and it looks sick. If you run into a male between the ages of 10-40 that looks tired as hell, he was probably up all night playing Madden.

2. Kanye West – ‘Power’ video – Kanye said his video was a ‘moving picture’ and he wasn’t lying or using hyperbole. The 100 second clip was pretty much a moving work of art that will probably be analyzed and reanalyzed 100s of times before the album dropped. Props to yeezey for continuing to push the envelope.

3. Jeezy disses Rick Ross – Jeezy just dissed Rick Ross over the B.M.F. beat, apparently over the right to worship drug dealers. Yikes. With Jeezy’s album on the horizon, this could always be another WWE stunt from the industry. Hopefully this is another scheme to sell records.

4. NFL Hall of Fame Inductions – The NFL held its Hall of Fame induction ceremony over the weekend. The highlight of this event were two legends from the 90s, Emmitt Smith and Jerry Rice (who was also a 80s legend). Smith gave the final speech of the night and gave a strong motivational and emotional speech. I wonder why the other league’s don’t kick off with the Hall of Fame inductions. It’s a lot better than randomly doing them during the middle of the season.

5. Gulf Well plugged – The Deepwater Horizon oil well was finally plugged on BP. Now they can (hopefully) focus on doing a complete and thorough cleanup. Unfortunately this story will probably fall off the radar now. Be on the lookout for Spike Lee’s upcoming documentary about the Gulf coast, which will have some interesting revelations about the oil spill and the cleanup process.

6. Obama and the Achievement Gap – Check out this article about President Obama’s plan to close the achievement gap. The Race to the Top program is an innovative idea to help stimulate education reform nation wide. While it’s not a perfect program, I commend the president for pushing the nation to reexamine how we’re teaching our kids.

7. Chippy D saga continues – Let’s see. Allegedly Larry Fishburne offered Vivid a million bucks to halt the release of the video. Meanwhile, Brian Pumper’s scene with Montana “Chippy D” Fishburne leaked, and yeah, she has some acne in weird places. Meanwhile Brian Pumper is trying to build a rap career off his new found stardom. #fails all around.

8. Andre 3000 – ‘I Do’ – At some point, Andre 3000 is going to do another album. At least that’s what everybody’s hoping for. In the meantime, here’s another 3K track that may or may not be new.

9. Andre Harrell Interview w/ Philly 360 – Check out Tayyib Smith’s interview with Andre Harrell on Philly 360. Andre Harrell is the founder of one of the first hip-hop labels, Uptown Records, and is probably best known for being the guy who gave a young man named Sean Combs his first job in the industry.

10. Drake – Young Sweet Jones – A ton of Drake track’s have leaked over the past few weeks following the release of “Thank Me Later.” This mixtape is essentially a compilation of those tracks. Many of these tracks probably could’ve been on the album, making this mix a good listen.

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