Power Rankings Featuring Kanye West, Nas, Asaad, Hurricane Katrina and more …

1. http://uristocrat.com/tag/diane-kendal/– Kanye continues to use Twitter to his advantage, this past week dropping off “Monster.”  This six minute track features half a bar from Ross and full verses from the rest of the bunch.  While the lyrical exploits of some on this song are very overrated (::cough, cough:: Nicki Minaj), I respect Kanye for living up to his “G.O.O.D. Friday” promise, sacrilege aside.

2.  5th Year Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina – Katrina is one of those incidents where you remember exactly where you were when it went down.  It’s far and away the most disgusting thing America has let happen to its people.  Don’t let the media/Obama administration fool you, things aren’t a whole lot better for many people down there, and after five years there really isn’t an excuse for the rebuilding to be plodding along in the way it is.  That said, much respect to anyone who’s volunteered time or donated items to help those affected by the storm, and condolences to anyone who was affected or lost a love one in the tragedy.

3.  College Football Kicks Off this Weekend – On a lighter note, football is back in our lives for every Saturday as far as the eyes can see.  The marquee matchup this week is actually going down on Monday between Virginia Tech and Boise State.  If Boise wins, they may actually have an inside track to the BCS Championship game, making this one of the most important games of the year right off the bat.  I can’t wait.

4.  Labor Day = Goodbye Summer 2010 – With Labor Day on the horizon, it’s pretty much a wrap for Summer 2010.  I’ll speak on behalf of the rest of the Uristocrat team when I say I hope your summer was as fun as ours, we got it popping.

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5.  tax relief new mexico – “Runaway Love” feat. Kanye West and Raekwon – Actually, this isn’t as bad as it sounds.  This was my first time listening to a Justin Bieber song and he’s no different than a Sammy or even Chris Brown before he grew up a little bit. and started beating women. JB’s harmless and actually got really strong verses from Kanye and Raekwon.  Definitely worth a listen if you’re a fan of Yeezy or The Chef.

6.  Good Week for Nas – Lately Nas has gotten more publicity for what owes Kelis than his music.  This week he was back in the spotlight for rhyming.  L-Boogie brought him out during her Rock the Bells set to perform “If I Ruled the World,” and Nas dropped some nice bars on “Power, Paper and P*ssy.

7.  UNDFDT Gets in the Denim Game – UNDFDT is throwing their hat into the denim arena with this pair of selvedge denim.  It’ll be interesting to see how they do, as getting involved in this marketplace isn’t as straight forward as it seems.  I respect the risk though, and they look like a strong pair of denim.

8.  Josh Bennett – “Don’t Let Me Go” – Josh Bennett’s first single “Don’t Let Me Go,” is out.  Josh is known best as one of the greatest poets out, but dude can spit as well.  I’m pulling for this guy and wishing him much success.  He’s definitely one of the most talented people I’ve come across.  Definitely don’t sleep on this one.

9.  Asaad – “No. 19” – Asaad has released the album art for his upcoming mixtape “No. 19,” set for release on October 19.  Asaad explains the art, and the title of the upcoming tape.  I’m really looking forward to this one, his previous mixtape “Flowers” was a very solid listen.

10.  Team USA Update – Team USA has been doing well so far in Turkey.  They’ve had some close calls, including a two point victory over Brazil, but considering this would probably be considered our B-minus team I’m not mad at the results thus far.

  1. Nicki spit the best verse on the track. Ross was a waste. Ye comes in third. Jay opened strong but fizzled

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