Power Rankings featuring Temptation Thursdays, Kanye West, Carmelo Anthony and more …

Uristocrat Tempation Thursdays
1.  Uristocrat Temptation Thursdays – Starting Thursday August 26th, Uristocrat will be getting it popped off at Rain Lounge every Thursday.  Located at 120 Chestnut St, Rain Lounge is one of the classiest establishments in the city so please dress accordingly.  DJ R to da Izza will be spinning the hottest music out.  Doors open at 9PM.  Check the site for more updates on this and other event news.

2.  New Kanye West – Has done a hell of a job promoting his new album.  Last week he dropped ‘See Me Now’ featuring Beyonce and Charlie Wilson.  This week, he’s supposed to drop the Power mega remix.  The album is still scheduled to be released next month per the latest information.
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3.  cialis long term To help Nike celebrate the World Basketball Festival in New York City last week, Nike teamed up with Hov to drop a limited edition pair of Forces.  All black for the most part, a pair is being auctioned off with a special design for the United States, Puerto Rico, France, Brazil and China.  The auction ends on August 22nd.

4.  us bankruptcy court trenton nj Season three was expected to be the end of the Boondocks.  Now, who knows?  Between the advertisements of a ‘Season Finale’ instead of a “Series Finale’ and the anticlimactic finish, I’d be willing to bet we’re going to hear more from Freeman family in a year or two.

5.  civil rights tax reliefFresh off the heels of his Rick Ross ‘diss,’ Jeezy dropped his ‘1000 Grams Mixtape.’  His new album drops this fall and this mixtape should help his fans get ready for more new material from the ab-lib king.

6. http://uristocrat.com/2011/06/nike-air-foamposite-pro-retroblack/Two more tracks have leaked from CuDi’s album – Mr. Rager and Wylin’ Cause I’m Young featuring Kanye.  These tracks will also appear on the ‘G.O.O.D. Ass Music’ mixtape mixed by Perajok.

7.  Melo Wants Out? – ESPN is now reporting that Carmelo Anthony definitely doesn’t want to take his talents to the Rocky Mountains next year.  Speculation that he wants to take his talents to the Big Apple are higher than ever, but who does New York have that can make a trade worthwhile for Denver?  With the lockout looming, you would think Denver would have leverage in this situation since they can already pay him more than any other team and who knows what’s going to happen after the lockout.  Then again, I’m sure some New York advertiser/marketer/financial adviser has probably shown him a chart showing him he’d make a trillion bucks in NYC.

J. Cole
8.  J. Cole – Blow UpJ. Cole has been co-signed by everybody from Jay-Z to King James.  The ‘Blow Up’ is the latest of many arsons Cole has committed on tracks leading up to his debut album.  If you’re still sleeping on this kid, please, please wake up.

9.  Gucci Boat Shoe MidNew Gucci!  The Italian designer is getting into the mid boat shoe game this season with these kicks.  Check them out and let us know what you think.  BUUUUURRRRR!

10.  Quitting in Style – We always talk about what we’re going to do when we quit, only to humbly turn in our two weeks and go out like a ho with class.  Former Jet Blue flight attendant Steve Slater actually followed through with one of those threats.  After an altercation with a passenger, Slater got on the PA system and delivered a rant while the plane was landing, grabbed a beer and slid down the emergency exit slide.  Now that’s how you go out with a bang (He was arrested on charges of criminal mischief, reckless endangerment and trespassing, so don’t try this at home).

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