Soulland spring/summer 2011 show, Copenhagen Fashion Week

The Soulland spring/summer 2011 collection is inspired by the Leonard Cohen poem ‘The Suit’ – and in more ways than one. With the collection Soulland designer, Silas Adler, has played with the symbolic meaning and seriousness a suit can give the person who wears it. Moreover, the collection literally includes a suit, the first in Soulland history.

Silas Adler about the collection: “For me the poem by Cohen is about the thin line between the well-established, mature and controlled versus the need to break free. This particular mood has influenced the collection, which has more mature items such as trenchcoats and blazers than ever before, without loosing the Soulland touch”.

“The poem specifically inspired me to make a suit, which has been a very interesting journey into a new design field. For me the suit is the ultimate item within menswear, because it conveys a strong symbolic power and authority
and it requires a very high level of craftsmanship”.

“If someone had asked me three years ago, I would probably not have had designing suits in mind and maybe that is why it is so interesting now. It is also a statement of the evolution of Soulland, from a t-shirt to a suit”.